I’m glad Trayvon Martin is dead

The morning news programs just released the police video of Zimmerman telling his story. The day after he shot Trayvon.

The best that the douchebags on ABC had to say was that Zimmerman’s story was “too perfect.”

No, it fit the facts and evidence.

It’s still tragic that Trayvon is dead.

He’s dead because his parents suck. Yeah, those whiny, weepy, self-righteous jerks planning to sue everyone to make hay while the sun shines. Trayvon’s parents are assholes.

Those racist, moronic, derelict parents who got their kid killed who turned a blind eye while their little monster was behaving monstr0usly.

Hey, Trayvon’s parents, your horrible stupid little brat got killed because you are horrible stupid parents. His death is on you.

You raised him to deserve to die. Nice job, assholes.


Let me be perfectly clear.

It’s in bad taste to diss the parents of a dead teenager. It’s in worse taste to exploit your teenager’s death for monetary and political consideration. I am sick and tired of people who play the “grieving parent” card like it’s a fucking winning lottery ticket.

Trayvon Martin deserved to be shot. Legally and morally. Hell, I deserved to be shot, legally and morally for stuff I did as a teenager. Nobody shot at me. And  I never pounded anyone’s head into a sidewalk. I have yet to suckerpunch anyone. It’s very likely Zimmerman wasn’t the first person Trayvon had attacked. But let’s say it was. Trayvon got more than he expected.  Trayvon was, at best, a thug-life wannabe. Probably he was a real thug and he won’t be pounding anybody else’s head into a sidewalk now. Thank you, George Zimmerman. You dealt with Trayvon so that others didn’t have to. Burglaries won’t take place. Beatings won’t happen. Thefts and drug deals evaporate.

Trayvon Martin didn’t have a chance. Yes, he did have a chance. Him being dead is totally on him. But his parents were shitty parents. He might not be dead had they not been so shitty. Suck on that guilt you parental morons, instead of trying to put it off on the rest of us with you trying to get paid for being horrible parents.

If there is a villain in all of this, it’s Trayvon’s parents. They are horrible, lying, stupid, derelict, irresponsible, neglectful, in denial people. Every ounce of sympathy wasted on them helps to ruin the world. They did nothing to keep their kid from getting killed. They refuse to deal with their culpability. They’re trying to make this about racism, and trying to suppress what a horrible human being Travyon was. They’re yap yap yapping after a payday.

If Zimmerman hadn’t killed him, Trayvon likely would have killed other people.

That’s why I’m glad Trayvon is dead.


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