Would concealed carry have prevented the Batman massacre?


This attack should go into the dictionary under “diabolical.”

This guy wore body armor, head to toe, obviously because he expected return fire. He was ready for all us concealed carry types. Maybe we could have knocked him down, stunned him. Probably, we would have missed.

What would have stopped him? A Todd Beamer “Let’s Roll” might have reduced the body count. What would have worked was charging him and taking him down. Not people carrying pistols. This shit is way beyond people carrying pistols. Unarmed people swarming the guy with the gun.

I’m listening to right-wing radio guys saying that people in the audience with pistols would have stopped this. I’m listening to left-wing mainstream media guys saying that gun control would have stopped this. Idiots.

The only thing that could have aborted this is people overwhelming that asshole, people willing to die to stop him, instead of just cowering under seats and playing dead.

We all need to ask ourselves, What would I have done? what should I have done?

That’s not a rhetorical question, except in the safe USA.

Most people survived. Why did they survive? Why did he just leave? Did he run out of ammo? Thinking from the clues in the BS media reports, I have the impression that he stopped because the actuality of killing random people didn’t live up to the fantasy. It took a couple of minutes for him to figure that out, and that latency killed a lot of people. He stopped because he wasn’t having fun anymore.  Else why tell the cops his apartment was booby-trapped? He got what he wanted and then found out it wasn’t that great. I wonder what he’s feeling tonight, not because I sympathize but forensically. If you get on a guy like this really fast and interview him, we might learn something before he clams up.

I’m listening to Mike Gallagher and Mike Bloomberg both trying to make hay while the 2nd Amendment shines. Assholes.

I hear that when the Batman Massacre guy’s mom was called, she said something like, Oh, yeah, that sounds right. I’ll be real interested to hear what this guy’s parents did to reign him in.I’ll bet they did a lot.



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