You took your kid to see Batman at the first midnight show?

The last Batman movie starred Heath Ledger embodying evil more effectively than we’ve ever seen it.

And your kid is dead now. Nice job. Even if your kid were alive, you suck as a parent.

Politically correctly, I should feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for your dead kid. You are shitty parents. Not because your kid is dead, but because you couldn’t figure out how to get a babysitter before indulging yourselves. If your kid weren’t dead, your kid would have been raised by you.

There is no parent at the Batman Massacre who has a dead kid now who isn’t a fucking asshole.

UPDATE: We know now that a six year old girl was killed and her mom was shot. All babies present at the midnight movie all made it out safely.

Which raises the question, why in the hell were there children present at a movie like this?

If there’s anything to be thankful for it’s that the murderer’s gas mask obscured his vision. From the witness interviews I’ve seen, he probably couldn’t see anything below chest height.

Mom of dead six year old girl is likely to pull through, since, if you believe news reports, she’s asking after her daughter, and people around her are stalling her about her daughter being dead.

I was tempted to take down this post. It’s pretty harsh, especially now that we have a name and a face.

And how can you blame the mom of a 6 year old for the death of her child for taking her to a movie?

I want to be crystal clear. I’m not blaming that mom for her 6 year old dying. That was completely unforseeable.

I’m blaming that mom for taking a six year old girl to see the followup movie to one of the most sadistic, violent dystopian movies ever. Maybe in the wake of this tragedy I should just shut up and not make points about shitty parenting. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

People took their babies to this show. That’s not that big a deal, except for the annoying-everyone factor. At least the babies have no idea what’s going on and couldn’t be heard over the soundtrack.

The fact that there were 3 to 6 year old children at this show who could somewhat follow the horror happening on-screen pisses me off. Every single parent who brought a child who might be old enough to watch this movie is an asshole. The ones of you who brought infants, you’re just selfish douchebags right now. Probably you’re assholes a few years from now.

So, mom of dead 6 year old, stand and deliver, why were you there? Let’s advance a few theories:

  • Your daughter watched The Dark Knight over and over again on DVD, giggling hysterically every time she saw The Joker slam that guy’s head into the table, jamming a pencil into his eyesocket, and so you went to see this movie as a treat to her?
  • Or, you treated being a mom so unseriously compared to your Batman fandom, that you dragged your six year old girl out to a midnight movie filled with traumatizing incomprehensible violence just so you could get your first night jollies?
  • Or some guy you were into wanted to go and you couldn’t find a sitter?

There is no universe in which that sweet little dead girl has a good mother.

UPDATE 2016: I stand behind this post. We need to shame people like this and not just when a tragedy makes us notice them.








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