The logic of “you didn’t build that!”

If the minority of people who become successful entrepreneurs owe everything to infrastructure, then everyone owes as much as the entrepreneurs do. Don’t they? If infrastructure uber alles, then isn’t everyone who isn’t successful a waste of infrastructure?

If it’s the infrastructure that makes for success, and everyone has access to the same infrastructure, then doesn’t everyone owe society the same level of success?

Obama’s not wrong about the infrastructure contributing to success. He’s wrong about blaming people like Romney who pay for the infrastrucure. Not only do they take advantage of it, they keep it going.

Obama’s wrong about excoriating Romney to pander to the loser fuckwads who somehow manage to have iPhones and HDTV and tennis shoes that cost $200 while being oppressed and jobless. I’ll bet Romney hasn’t upgraded his phone as recently as these douchebags, watches a lot less TV and wouldn’t be stupid enough to pay $200 for athletic shoes.

So what should we conclude about Obama from all of this?

I’m going with he’s Caligula’s horse.


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