White Flight (D)

I think I’ve seen more race cards slapped down by leftist and liberal loudmouths in the last 48 hours than in the last 4 years.

Newt Gingrich just bitch-slapped Chris Matthews for saying that “lazy” and “welfare queen” is code for black. It’s Democrats who believe that and neurotically project that.

Rachel Maddow, abandoning any pretense of intellectual respectability, just pulled a similar stunt turned inside out. Something about how “hard-working” is a dog whistle for “white.”

The truth is that most Conservatives and economic libertarians believe that black people who are lazy are lazy and white people who are lazy mostly join the Liberal commentariat.

There have been a lot more jaw-dropping race card moments than that lately, but those two I just saw, so I remember them.

Forget what the media is saying about how close the election is. The Liberal/Left/Progressive establishment is gibbering in subliminal terror. They know that all they have is demogoguery. They’re seriously worried, Is it enough? They’re thinking, even if we all eat nothing but fiber from now to November, will Compost Mountain get high enough that nobody can see over it?

They don’t even believe their own bullshit. Their ideology doesn’t say they have to believe what they say. This gives them an advantage over Conservatives and economic libertarians who think that sincerity is part and parcel. Muslims call this disingenous attitude taqiyya. Liberal apparatchiks call this “staying on message.”

I went to dinner tonight with a good friend who thinks that demogoguery is more than enough to win in America. According to him, there is something deeply, morally, psychologically, probably irrevocably wrong with Liberals and, like kudzu, they are firmly in control. He thinks of Liberals like nearly all Liberals think about Conservatives and economic libertarians. He’s pretty much had it with their lying, shallow bullshit and thinks that they have moral and intellectual ebola and must be quarantined, and he may be right, but I’m not giving up. I know lots of Liberals that I love or like who have very important virtues and accomplishments.

He calls me Pollyanna, because I am usually more optimistic than he is about things in general. I call him Genghis Queef. Actually, I’ve never called him that. I just thought of it right now. Can’t wait to use it. The best part is the initials are GQ.

So, when you’re playing the last refuge race card this hard this early, it stinks of desperation. Talk about the failed policies of the past.

UPDATE 2016: Obama won. I was wrong.


3 Responses to White Flight (D)

  1. GQ says:

    Allow me to retort.

    Our conversation last night helped me refine my mental model for liberals. I’ve had insights that help me understand liberals even better.

    There are two types of liberals that I’ve found so far – stupid evil liberals (SE) and evil evil liberals (EE). It is important when encountering one in the wild to be able to quickly classify which kind of liberal you’re dealing with. You’re approach, and response, will be different between the two groups of liberals. Indeed, things that might work with an SE will only backfire with an EE.

    Let me attempt to define liberals using an analogy. All liberals (SE + EE = AL) are like peanut M&Ms. On the outside is a thin, candy like shell of rationalism. Beneath that is a gooey, chocolate chunk of emotional reasoning and engagement. At the center is a nut – and it is the nature of the nut that distinguishes the SE from the EE.

    SEs engage with the world emotionally. You hear it in every conversation with them about politics – “I feel” or “I want to believe” – never “I think” or “the data shows”. Any attempt to direct the conversation to a rational level is met with various forms of rejection. This leads us to understand the type of nut at the core of an SE – delusion. SEs are, at the core, delusional about the world and how it works.

    If one must engaging an SE in discussion of politics – and I do not advise engaging in any discussion if it can be avoided – one should engage at an *emotional* level. Help the SE understand how the policies, and people, they support may have good intentions but the outcomes produced hurt people. Focus on trying to the dumber than a cow SE to empathize with those hurt by their good intentions and see if you can get them to use to reason to define the gap between their intentions and the outcome. I hear this is like cognitive therapy, but good fucking luck with this. Rather like trying to teach a pig to sing.

    EEs – ah, EEs – these are nuts of a completely different kind. EEs *understand* that liberal policies are at their heart totalitarian. They understand and embrace this. They know that the history of the 20th century is drenched in the blood of people murdered by their liberal/progressive/socialist/fascist/communist/WhateverFuckingMaskTheTotalitarianMonstersAreWearing and they *want* that. Like Heath Ledger’s Joker in the Dark Knight they want to see the world burn. The nut at the core of an EE – an admittedly rare M&M – is psychosis. The are just fucking evil.

    Once you figure out you’re dealing with an EE the only response to any political statement should be “that’s what the second amendment is for”. If you’re country, and may Odin help you if this ever happens, is seized by EEs then, well, that’s what the second amendment is for.


    • Scipio says:

      What do we do with people who act rightly but think wrongly?

      I have close friends and neighbors who have worked hard all their lives, been successful, are highly skilled in real skills (engineering) and who are complete idiots when it comes to undertanding what their lives depend on, economically and politically.

      Just to set context, I one time mentioned something good that America had done abroad and was attacked with a half-drunk “America is horrible in the world!” Typically, when we talk about anything that has to do with politics or philosophy, he mutters or yells and she yells or cries.

      Nonetheless, these are very good people. They work hard and smart. They care about their neighbors and help out more than I do. They’ve adopted children with special needs and are working through it heroically.

      I say, well, they act like conservatives although they think like liberals. Actions speak louder than words, don’t they?

      They are appalled by my views. Seriously, I fuck up their reality regularly.

      Here’s what I’m sure they say about me: Well, he acts like a liberal although he thinks like a conservative.

      This disconnect between good people is an important problem to solve. If we all just flush the toilet on each other for giving ideological or verbal offense, where will we be?

      My liberal friends tolerate me and I ironically and frequently poke at them for being so forgiving of people who are smarter than they are. If the shit hits the fan, I’m joining forces with them. They have real skills and virtues that will make a survival difference. They will behave ethically in a bad situation.

      We’re close to shit hitting fan. We must all think seriously about why you want somebody in your lifeboat or not.

  2. GQ says:

    Your friends sound like really nice SEs. My approach to dealing with SEs is really simple – I don’t talk politics with them. You can’t change their views – and you certainly can’t change their views by trying to engage them intellectually. Gotta get out of your head and use your heart – which is impossible for you since you don’t have a heart you evil bastard!

    Remember our liberal friend from WP/GW? It took serious emotional pain for him to change his worldview. How many liberals do you know that have changed their worldviews? How did that happen? No theories, I want existence proofs.

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