A lot has been going on….

President Romney bounced ex-President Toonces around in the debate like the Hulk interrupting Loki.  (If you’re new around here, I call Obama Toonces after the SNL cat who thought he could drive a car–I’d rather have the Republicans drive us into a ditch than Toonces drive us off a cliff).

Unemployment is down to 7.8% because so many people have just given up. Jack Welch even called bullshit on that stat. It’s a bad sign for crony capitalism when your biggest crony defects.

We learn that the State Department pulled the plug on security for our ambassador in Libya a month before he was killed after he sent a memo to the Hilary-crats saying, Hey! assholes! You trying to get me killed here? Before everyone starts slamming the legacy media, I did learn this from Good Morning America this morning.

The Toonces administration has sent threatening letters to defense contractors telling them they better not comply with the law about informing workers 60 days before impending mass layoffs due to sequestration. And Democratic operatives are on all the Sunday shows saying, that’s fine, because everyone knows we weren’t serious about sequestration anyway. We make up the law after the election. Of all Toonces pissing on the rule of law, this is the worst because it is the most gobsmackingly ex post facto transparent. They expect to get away with this bullshit and they will.

I got unfriended on Facebook for calling someone a “useful idiot.” No, that’s not quite right. He’s used to me insulting him. I followed up by explaining what the term means and insulting his useful idiot friends. I heard about my shunning from someone else, because I didn’t know I’d been unfriended because I have so many friends I can’t keep track of them.

I’m going to try hard to get unfriended from now on. Most people would say, I’ve been trying pretty hard already. Well, I’m going to step it up. Liberal idiots aren’t just people who don’t get it, they are people who are directly responsible for picking my pocket to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last several years. If they don’t like me calling them useful idiots, they can go fuck themselves and then pay me back. I bet they’d be pissed if I pilfered $20 out of their purses at a party at their house. Klepto idiots. They think I don’t notice how their rancid stupidity is ruining me? This isn’t just politics, it’s war.

Most of the time, politics, like religion, is a subject that you avoid in genteel company. Now and then, this stuff matters.This is one of those times. The Democrats are going to lose because they are betting on religion, the new religions: abortion-ism, gay-irightion, brown-ianism, race-bait-uration. This election is about politics and economics, not about religion. It’s about please-let-me-keep-my-job-ism and gas-prices-really?

Gloves are off. I can’t wait to get rid of most of my facebook “friends.” It’ll be like this blog, but with fewer fuck words.







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