I finally get it

I had an epiphany the other day. I finally understand what is wrong with American liberals.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time.

A good friend of mine says it’s because they are ruled by their emotions.

For the last year, I’ve surmised it was because they never understood basic economics, like teenage brats who don’t understand how their cell phone bill gets paid. As I’ve tested that theory, I’ve found it wanting. Barack Obama gets basic economics when it come to trying to make gas prices go through the roof so green energy innovation will bloom. Liberals get economics when they are trying to leverage it for sabotage.

What’s wrong with Liberals in Amercia is that they FEEL (shout-out to my friend) that there is something deeply, urgently wrong with this country and their neighbors that requires deep, urgent government action to remedy. They are very alienated from American mainstream people and culture.

Guess who else shares this fundamental  trait of American Liberal psychology? Ron Paul supporters. They are the flip side of the coin: the government is always the problem instead of always the solution. But the song of alienation remains the same.

If this were Syria, Liberals and Ron Paul Libertarians might have a point about American society needing to be fundamentally transformed. But this ain’t Syria, you assholes.

Rush Limbaugh calls some stupid over-privileged 30-something perpetually-adolescent Ivy League refugee from reality a slut because she wants us to buy her birth control so she can pay a little bit on her student loans which she’s obviously squandered or she’d have graduated nearly a decade ago. Liberals act like he’d cut off her clit.

Some state raises sales taxes .25 percent. Libertarians act like they’re being herded into ovens.

There’s no sense of proportion in these people. And I should know because I used to be one of them.

I was raised in a John Birch Society household. From an early age, I knew my parents’ beliefs were bullshit, but I wasn’t sophisticated enough to discern the underlying alienated rage that created them. I was smart enough to see through their beliefs, but not smart enough to reject the underlying way of looking at the world, in which I swam.

I became a hard-core left libertarian, championing atheism, was an iconoclast against religion, in favor of blanket drug legalization, and an esalen/est/Perls/Fromm humanistic psychology fan in favor of spiking the system at every turn. Though the statute of limitations has long passed for most of my minor-league attention-seeking depredations, I’m not going to list them, though I sometimes am both nostalgic for them and amazed I still have all my fingers.

My fellow travelers and I used to spend long hours rationalizing why we were still entitled to mail letters and drive on roads even though we hated everything the government did.

The truth is, wherever human beings live together, there will be coercion and conflict, governmental, social and familial. In Western civilization, compared to every other, there’s damned little of it. Unless you’re a complete, resentful idiot screaming in rage at the system, you can navigate it. And, unlike Syria, it’s better here to work things out with other people than to leave.

So, how do you fix an American Liberal? Or a Libertarian Party member? You have to get them over their alienation from people right next to tham that they think are their manichean enemies. That doesn’t necessarily take time, but it does take experiences.

Before you start saying, Holy Crap, HLET has been infected with a deadly strain of Kumbaya! …

Yeah, I actually do think we could teach the whole world to sing in perfect harmony, given the right circumstances and enough hugs. But we’re here, now, and kindness can only be exercised safely with a very limited number of people. Ambassador Stevens was all over trying to Kumbaya Libya and it cost him his life. Perhaps, actually likely, he’d say it was worth it.

I’m not near that selfless. I’d say Stevens tried to pet near-the-end Old Yeller and what the hell do you expect from doing that?

I’m also saying it’s a mistake to think that most of our neighbors who are going to vote for Obama again are Old Yeller. Some of them are–they really are. They’d strap on a suicide vest if they hadn’t been neutered by their Ivy League educations into not being able to check their tire pressure. But most of them have just swum in this all their lives. Notice how fish don’t bump much into aquarium walls?

I’m starting to think about political persuasion as being similar to raising children.





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