The Bitch Bubble

Nearly everything American women say in public to and about themselves is self-aggrandizing, narcissistic bullshit. That’s been true for 50 years, but something has changed lately.

American women have gone from claiming they’re generally better and more enlightened than men to asserting they get more done, get paid more and they like one night stands more. They’ve gone from self-serving to delusional.

This morning, I saw yet another story on Good Morning America or Today about whether it’s worth it to get a college degree anymore. Every time the mainstream media does this story, they come back with a resounding, in-the-tank-for-the-educational-establishment Yes! But this time, not quite so much. The victim of the day was a dumb chick who majored in French and was now working in “customer service.” She thought she’d get a free ride as a UN translator. When interviewed in her cubicle, she remained plucky and unbowed, sure that being a French translator at the UN would come roaring back. The expert on the segment mildly suggested that she might want to try to get a job at a company that has offices in France. This had never occurred to this dumb bitch, who obviously thought she was going to be Le Marlo Thomas and live in New York the rest of her life on a boondoggle UN salary.

I bring this up because this is one example of stupid loser women being touted as winners in cover stories every damn month in article after article in The Atlantic and other middle-brow magazines that cater to the vanity of females. In truth, these women are shallow semi-articulate idiots who’ve wasted their early 20’s learning to parrot polysyllables without actually being able to do much except put out or otherwise service customers for near minimum wage.

Women are not winning in this culture. There are more dumb broads than men in college now because colleges have learned that women are easier marks for nonsensical loans and majors. Women are racking up more college debt they’ll never pay back, and are, a few years out of college, desperately looking for husbands who will assume that debt. They are lazily and vaguely hoping to get jobs in dying institutions that can pay big only in prosperous times–government, non-profits, teaching. They are oblivious to the fact that they look for jobs from such institutions exactly like rich wives look to their husbands to bankroll boutiques.

In STEM degrees and fields, women are ridiculously underrepresented. Emphasis on “ridiculously.”  I work in a STEM field and less than 10% of the technical work is done by women and less than 1% of the excellent work is done by them. It’s been 50 years since Women’s Lib–how dare women do so little of even the metaphorical heavy lifting at work, much less the real heavy lifting?

Either women can’t compete with men or refuse to. There’s no glass ceiling blocking them, it’s their fantasy of glass slippers. Educating women is a huge waste of resources–the typical man gives back far more to the economy, whether educated or not than the typical French/Womens Studies/Sustainability female major. In fact, the more debt a woman racks up in college, the less likely she is to contribute and pay it off, since the more likely it is she will need a man to pay it off for her. She drops out of the work force and focuses on trading blowjobs to her husband for monthly student loan payments.

Female arrogance in America has reached the kind of irrational pitch and feverish salesmanship that is associated with all bubbles.

I bitch a lot about how nearly all commercials portray men as incompetent shlubs needing to be scolded and nagged by their longsuffering wives. OK, women are the target audience  of most commercials, so shouldn’t commercials cater to women? Let’s assume that commercials accurately appeal to women. Do most women like seeing themselves portrayed as matriarchal condescending cunts? Because, in most commercials, women are horrible, bitchy, passive aggressive shrews.

Yeah, actually, I think commercials do appeal to the typical American Woman psyche. American women seek that ideal.

The bubble’s about to burst, bitches.


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