BBC: Full moon isn’t just for werewolves anymore

I watch BBC News America most nights when I get home from work, because it’s SO much better than anything on CBS, NBC, ABC. Forget the bias, they’re at least competent.

But tonight made me howl.

Nearly all of the statistics and findings reported by mainstream media are generated by desperate grad students trying to get the hell out of grad school with some study or other. Sensational is better. Thus the back and forth that coffee is good for you this week, will kill you next week.

This one, they found that the full moon disturbs deep sleep and then some idiot professor said that it was probably because millions of years ago we were all celebrating not getting killed by the moon and that’s why why.

So, before you go off on the KTVU people who swallowed the “Ho Lee Fuk” hoax without blinking, consider this idiocy from the BBC. It’s just another level of abstraction and accent up. The BBC newsbitch didn’t crack a smile over this story either. She sounds smarter, but she isn’t.




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