Miranda Shmiranda

I’m watching oral arguments right now in the Washington State Supreme Court over some dumb guilty bastard who did not eloquently or clearly invoke his 5th amendment rights.

Why am I watching this at 2 in the morning? Because I’m working and I wanted some background noise.

Anyhow, I’m going to side with the liberals here. Miranda warnings and all that are a fig leaf. Most criminals, and most people accused of crimes, are stupid, easily manipulated and incapable of dealing intelligently with the police. Most of these people are annoying and obnoxious. And guilty as hell. But some of them aren’t.

I’m watching lawyers micro-parsing the language of an obviously stupid guy to persuade adults in black dresses to decide whether this idiot met his 5th Amendment burden. Like this idiot could possibly understand what these articulate idiots are arguing about. He just said some shit and vaguely tried to say, leave me alone, as best he could. Now I’m watching these legalistic jackasses poring over his every word. He was drunk and had a bottle broken over his head just before he was arrested. And his IQ is probably 80, plus/minus 5. Now they’re saying “he opened himself up to impeachment.” Evidently, there was a fight about fireworks and somebody’s girlfriend and somebody had a shotgun and somebody grabbed it and somebody got shot. In my opinion. let’s give out Darwin Awards and be done with it.

OK, seriously, there are a ton of people who aren’t smart enough, educated enough or possessive enough of the intestinal fortitude to assert their rights against the government. Most of these people are dumb criminals. But not 99% are dumb criminals. It’s probably, pareto willing, about 80% who are guilt of what they are currently being accused of.

That’s a huge problem, especially as we come ever closer to a police surveillance state. Get ready to fight the police, and give thanks that you’re smart enough to do it.


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