Who smelt it dealt it

John “Toy Soldier Story” Kerry is in high dudgeon against the Syrian government, sure that they’re the ones who did the horrible chemical weapons attack a few days ago.

Perhaps, most likely, they did.

But I’m not going to trust this government. Meaning, I trust the Syrian government more when denying they did this than I trust the US government claiming the Syrian government did this.

A few reasons why:

  • al-Qaeda is ridiculously numerological. They love doing shit on anniversaries (like Benghazi) or on dates that have some pattern (like 7-7 in England or 3-11 in Spain). This attack happened on the anniversary of Obama’s “red line.” I guess that meant the anniversary of when Obama got his period.
  • Why would Assad do this while UN inspectors are on the ground, and on such a symbolic day? What’s in it for him? Seriously, Cui bono? Or, to say it in English, in what possible way did Assad gain advantage from this? You have to believe that Assad was sending a FUCK YOU! card to the whole world to think he did this. Maybe he was having an “I’m on top of the world, Ma!” moment. Really, that’s plausible?
  • I have no doubt that the monsters who infest Muslim terrorist organizations would have any compunction about killing a thousand plus Muslims “on their side” as a publicity stunt.

I’m not going truther.  I’m going liar. And fucktard.

The US government lies, denies, gets it wrong, gets blindsided on intelligence matters and basically hasn’t a fucking clue over and over and over again. For clue, they substitute that long-chinned gigolo John Kerry raining down moral thunder and half-assed “proof” that wouldn’t convince a CSI watcher.

I am not convinced by John Kerry dressing down the world like he’d bitch at his butler.

If you are, you’re stupid. Seriously, just plain fucking stop reading this blog stupid.

(There will be some people reading this who will say, “Well, Kerry and Obama know stuff we don’t know.” Are you fucking serious? Here’s what they know: Stuff that just ain’t so. It doesn’t matter that they know facts you don’t know. They caused most of those facts and don’t have a fucking clue how the current facts are a result of their fuckups. Quit thinking they’re smarter than you are. Or that their spidey sense is better. The people who run the world most of the time are more ambitious, more driven, sometimes less ethical than you (their power amplifies their lack of ethics, so take no comfort in the fact that most people with big power have ethics–ethics are a handicap in their games, and the least-ethically-challenged do usually eventually win the race), and most important, they live in bubbles made of sycophants and airy-fairy-ideologies that you don’t even know exist. They’re insulated by massive cooling structures that keep them from figuring out they’re full of percolating shit and about to explode. That’s why things explode. )

If you think the US Government has made the case so far that Assad did the chemical attack, you probably believe we’re still at war against EastAsia.



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