The House of Cards

Netflix has this as a minseries about politics starring Kevin Spacey. Watched the first episode and liked it a lot and then read an article about the British 12-part series on which it was based.

The article said the Brit-series was much nastier, much better than the American remake.

The British series is also on Netflix.

So I had to decide–would I prefer to watch the American big-budget series first and be surprised, or watch the edgier Brit series first and get the surprises?

I haven’t watched the American/Netflix-produced series yet, but just finished the Brit series.

Sight unseen, the American version, I made the right decision, to watch the Brit version first.

Made in 1994, it’s pretty relevant. Cyprus instead of Syria, other than that, all things seem about the same.

Really, watch the Brit series first. It’s nasty, cynical, horrifying, persuasive about every cockroachy thing you’ve ever suspected about politics, though I was less than convinced by the ending. More than that, I cannot say without giving stuff away. It was great fun.

I will be interested to see how the American series goes, and, in advance, am pretty sure it will have a pretense of jadedness that will go soft in the end.

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