Warren Buffett Can’t Understand Normal Thinking

He hired Bono to sing at his granddaughter’s wedding, attended by about 300 people.

I would have thought this was awesome except for Buffett’s faux-populist “my secretary pays a higher percentage in taxes than I do” posturing.

I don’t recall him suddenly paying as big a percentage as she does after that statement.

At the least, him speaking up that way should have indicated that he was signing on to never engage in rich-people wretched excess.

How much do you think he paid Bono to make a moment for his granddaughter? More than you or I will make in a lifetime. Oh, and fuck Bono too, sucking up the stray million or more for 30 minutes of attending a Richie Rich party.

I don’t give a flying fuck that Buffett is folksy, smart, a great investor, humble shmumble or good at bridge.

The most important thing about Buffett is that he is the worst of the crony capitalists. He’s a hypocrite who’s already made his and is trying to change the rules to prevent others from challenging his “top of the world, ma!” attitude.

Oh, and by the way, stupid liberals who might read this, it’s a good thing Warren Buffett pays a lower percentage in taxes than his secretary. Read Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics. Buffett knows what Sowell says–that’s why Buffett is such a douchebag. Buffett is trying to keep anyone else from reaching his lofty perch.


One Response to Warren Buffett Can’t Understand Normal Thinking

  1. Fuck you says:

    You are a jealous cunt. Get a real fucking job that actually gives you a good check and stop bitching about other peoples success.

    Fuck you. You fucking liberal twat.

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