Separate but equal

I grew up in the ’70’s before feminism was a laughing-stock ideology. Seriously, people, feminism is now the Sgt. Shultz of ideologies. Except that Sgt. Shultz is prettier than most movement feminists.

I was about 17 when it was clear the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution was going to lose. I thought that wasn’t quite right since the language was pretty simple and clear and obviously fair. Today, my opinion is different. I WISH I WISH I WISH it had passed. Had it passed, it would have been feminism eating its own gun.

Feminism purports to be about equality, but equality is a very squishy word. Nearly every ideology is in favor of equality, but each defines it very differently, and mostly contradictorily. Some ideologies, like communism and feminism, use the word equality very cynically. Neither of those idiotic ideologies sees equality as anything more than a flying wedge to assault civilization with.

Feminism defines equality Schrodinger’s Cat-ly at various times and various places for various uses as:

  • Equality of basic human and civil rights without regard to sex.
  • Equality of outcomes, such as the number of Fortune 500 CEOs or physics research assistants should be 50:50 male:female, or it’s obvious women are being/have been oppressed.
  • Equality of aspiration, which relates to the point above. If men and women don’t equally want to do the same stuff, it’s obviously because women are being/have been oppressed.
  • Equality of biology. If there aren’t a lot of women in the NFL, it’s obviously….
  • Inherent female superiority. This is a variant of the above, which asserts that, all outcomes to the contrary, women are better, faster, stronger when you take the long view, and men are only winning because, obviously….
  • I’m going to stop with this bullet list now. Female definitions of equality are multifarious, insidious, duplicitous, supercilious, nefarious and synchronized with their periods.

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