Thad Update

Sadly, I must report to you that Republican Senator Thad Cochran is still alive. I hope somebody tips his wheelchair over the Tipperary. I don’t quite know what that means, but I hope it starts with a scream and ends with a splat.

Thad Cockroach is the worst. He’s a Republican congresscritter who embodies everything we and Donald Trump hate about Republicans. He won his last election because the evil Republican establishment put the fix in and spent megabucks to defeat his challenger. Either you already know the story, or just believe me.

Google was subpoena’ed about this blog because I had “threatened” Thad Cockroach. I said he was a rabid dog and should be put down at the next election. The ACLU filed a hilarious brief on my behalf and the subpoena was quashed.

Since then, I have actually threatened Thad Cochran’s life, and I want to renew that threat here and now. I am offering a $2 bounty, payable in cash, to anyone who tips Thad Cochran over the Tipperary, or who otherwise ends his existence. I will add a tip to the $2 for creativity. The tip may be substantially more than the $2 bounty depending on the creativity.


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