Big magazines

Dumb Democrat on the radio complaining about how nobody needs a gun with a 20 round magazine. Like every single person who’s ever said anything like this, a person who has zero training, interest or aptitude for self-defense.

If you’re a gun grabber, allow me to help you sound less stupid: Never argue about magazine capacity.

If I am a bad guy walking into a nightclub or a classroom filled with unarmed, or at least surprised, people, magazine size doesn’t matter. I have not only the advantage of getting in the first punch, but also the fact that anyone resisting me is discombulated, even if trained, for at least seconds, and is likely in a tactically bad position. And has the wrong attitude — is interested only in self-defense, not racking up body count. It takes a second or two for a bad guy who has done even minimal practice to drop and reload a new magazine. And that person likely has brought plenty of magazines. The only thing the ban on large capacity magazines does is very slightly increase the weight of his backpack and slow him down, maybe, 10%.

If I have a concealed pistol, I want as many rounds available as possible to deal with even a single mass-shooter. I don’t have the luxury of carrying multiple magazines. I need my weapon to be compact and convenient since it’s an everyday accessory.

Very few guns designed for concealed carry have this many rounds anyway. So some people do carry one extra magazine. It’s a pain in the ass, usually literally. If some big good guy is willing to carry a bigger pistol that holds somewhere near 20 rounds, God bless him.

Now, what if you are in a situation where you have multiple bad guys? This is not just about a terrorist attack, but is the standard MO of street thugs, who tend to travel in packs of 3 or more. Given how easy it is to miss, how delayed the effect is most of the time for a single pistol hit, you probably need 5 rounds per assailant if you are to have a fighting chance, and that is if you are well-trained. Thus, 20 rounds is at best enough for 3 assailants and a few rounds for margin of error.

Big magazines benefit good guys more than bad guys

Get it? Got it? Good.



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