Gary Johnson is a bad man

The Libertarian Party has sold out to Democrat-lite statist Gary Johnson who demands that a Jewish baker must decorate a Nazi cake under penalty of law. There are things libertarians may disagree on, but this is not one of them. Johnson is no libertarian. And neither are you, if you vote for him.

If you vote for Johnson, based on your purported libertarian principles, you’re not just a coward throwing away your vote to virtue-signal, you are a Hillary minion.


In case the video link goes bad:

Johnson’s opponent: [Johnson] has stated he believes that bakers should be forced to bake wedding cakes for people that they disagree with–homosexual couples. And this is a big problem because we’re running for President as Libertarians.

Moderator to Johnson: But is he correct in quoting you?

Johnson. Uh, yes. But I think that if you discriminate on the basis of religion, I think that is a black hole. Look, I think you should be able to discriminate for stink or you’re not wearing shoes or whatever, but I tell you what, if we discriminate on the basis of religion, to me that’s doing harm to a big class of people, and right now . . .

Moderator interrupts:  Should a Jewish baker be required to bake a Nazi wedding cake?

Johnson: Muslims in this country would be banned by all sorts of businesses right now because it would be the popular thing to do . . .

Moderator interrupts: So the baker should have to bake the cake for the Nazi wedding?

Johnson: That would be my contention, yes.


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