The 2nd Amendment Solution

Ok, all you Democrat pearl-clutchers and panty-bunchers, Donald Trump did not just threaten Hillary Clinton’s life.

And all you conservative radio talk show hosts absurdly trying to pretend he wasn’t talking about violent revolution if the Supreme Court tries to take a big bite out of the 2nd Amendment, you shut up too, and listen to some sense for a minute.

Trump pretty clearly threatened the lives of agents of the government if Hillary and Her Court try to obviate the 2nd Amendment. And, I want to say, three cheers!  I’ll explain why below, but before this post hits the TL;DR wall:

  • Hillary Clinton, in 2008, when asked why she was continuing her quixotic quest for the Democrat nomination well into May, said, well, Bobby Kennedy was the Democrat nominee, and he got assassinated in June, so it’s important I stay in this race. If Trump’s words are a dog-whistle inviting assassination of Hillary, then he’s following her tradition, except she was inciting blue-on-blue violence.
  • Joe Biden, also in 2008, pandering to “2a enthusiasts” as they are called these days, directly physically threatened Barack Obama, were Barack to come after his shotgun or beloved Beretta.

There was only a minor kerfuffle about Hillary’s invitation to assassination and Biden’s comments sank without a trace, as they should have.

It’s unquestionable that the news media jumps on every questionable or inartful or rude thing Trump says and beats it till it dies like John Wayne’s horse at the end of True Grit. Trump is Drunk Uncle, which is the main thing that endears him to me. May I suggest that when Hillary lets the mask slip, it matters more than Trump’s political glossolalia?

A while ago, I asked a good friend who proudly asserts his “commitment to Progressive politics” as one of the most important things in his life what his fundamental political principles are?  He gave me no answer. We were on a road trip. After waiting about 10 minutes, thinking he was thinking, I assumed he was not interested in answering. So, subject change, and a reasonably quick return to cordiality.

Now, I’m not saying he had no fundamental principles; he may have just been not interested in having an argument or not interested in having an argument at that level or he was still thinking about it for the first time, and I interrupted before he had time to articulate what he wanted to say.

He has often said he didn’t want us to fight about politics, but occasionally couldn’t resist a little fencing, and then I would feel free to riposte . . .

I could resist this bait, but I don’t. Unlike Democrats and Progressives, people like me with libertarian/conservative views can argue about politics, even heatedly, and shake hands with no hard feelings.I don’t know why I have to shut up just because the Prog-Dems can’t handle ideas like adults. This is not just my experience; I hear this from a lot of people, getting rudely and unexpectedly shouted or pouted down by Prog-Dems who freak out when they don’t expect opposition. And, I’m really tired of Prog-Dems feeling free to make snotty cracks in polite company without fear of pushback.

I remember this statistician I worked with . . . ok, never mind, I’ll get on with it. I have lots of stories of Prog-Dem horrible manners and zero to 60 spit-flecked rage in social situations where they’re accustomed to applause instead of  “I disagree.”

Back to fundamental political principles. At what point is it either morally acceptable or morally necessary to violently resist the government?

If you’ve never thought about this,  you don’t think much when it comes to politics.

Donald Trump defined a principle today: If the Supreme Court abrogates the 2nd Amendment, it is at least OK, if not morally mandatory, to shoot back at the government if they make a move on your guns.

If you’re a Prog-Dem, your leaders think it’s OK to break the law and fight back against the government way before conservatives do. Why did Bill Ayers think it was OK to set off bombs? Why does Black Lives Matter think it’s OK to shut down freeways and vandalize businesses and–for real–incite nearly a dozen assassinations of police so far?

Prog-Dem reasons for violent resistance are jejune and trivial and just part of their MO. If you goad conservatives to violence, that takes a lot, and the shit will get real.

Now, couldn’t somebody take Trump’s statement as a “What if someone had assassinated Hitler?” provocation. Sure. So what? Seriously, so what?








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