The Flight 93 Election

This essay at Claremont has gone viral. It says everything I could think to say and more about why this is The Last Election if the Democrats win the Presidency and/or control either house of Congress.  A lot of people are gibbering in hatred at the author, who wisely chose to write under a nom de plume.

I was just listening to Mark Levin for a few minutes. He was fulminating against Trump’s day care plan for various sound conservative reasons.

What Levin doesn’t get yet, smart as he is, is that Conservatism is politically dead. It’s going to take a Gramscian-style campaign, waged over decades, to resurrect conservatism. Millenials hear conservative ideas and values like Charlie Brown characters hear adults speak: wah-whah, whaw-waw . . .

Conservatives don’t have the blood-lust for power and need for bossing people around that modern Democrats and all Progressives/Leftists do. It’s going with the psychological flow for the Left to slowly push and insinuate their ideas on everyone. The Conservative attitude is “Son, when you get about 20 years older, you’ll stop being such a dumbass. Till then, think whatever the hell you want.”
Conservatives have never mounted a long-term ideological campaign. Part of that is because (I just heard this on Mark Levin, and he’s right), conservatism isn’t really an ideology. It’s more “Wait a minute, son, don’t start believing every damnfool idea that comes into your head is the best idea ever.” Conservatism has a decent respect for innovation, and an understanding that 99% of innovation is BS and only time will tell.  So let’s not all of us put all our bets down on the same shiny object.

An ideologue is a person who has no trepidation about everything turning out great if everyone would just adopt his ideas. He thinks his ideological map trumps (no pun intended) the actual world. There are actually a lot of good reasons to like Donald Trump. That he’s not an ideologue is one of the most important. Hillary is an ideologue. A corrupt, greedy, rapacious, hypocritical, might-as-well-be-an-alien-under-the-skin ideologue. She’s a wannabe Stalin in a Mao jacket and a Kim Jong Un pantsuit. I don’t understand people who say, well, Hillary is so corrupt that we don’t have to worry about her having an ideological agenda. So, I’m voting for Tammany Hillary instead of Dangerous Donald. Corruption is not antithetical to dangerous ideology, and Hillary has proven she’s been braised in Leftist hatred for free people.  If you think Hillary will just be a status quo caretaker of Obama’s legacy, you are fucking stupid. (I know, I’m trying really hard to stop swearing on this blog, and notice that I mostly have, but there was no other adjective that expressed the thought completely.)  Hillary will accelerate the Obama agenda, and she will pack the Supreme Court and the lower courts, then vitiate most of the first 10 amendments, and will do it PDQ.

This is an absurd election that demonstrates to anyone with an appreciation for the absurd that the political system is quickly devolving into a decadent pre-collapse parody of itself. Most people don’t think collapse is imminent. I don’t know whether it’s imminent or not, but I’m pretty sure it will be sudden. There are lots of fuses out there, waiting for a match. President Trump wets the fuses down; President Hillary swaggers by with a lit cigar, daring them to ignite.




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