Sharia Supremacism

I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd here and I’m trying to start a meme. I hope you will help me.

I want to get everyone to start saying “Sharia Supremacist” when talking about Muslim terrorism and other bad Muslim behavior instead of saying “Muslim” or “Islamic”.

Sharia is what’s really wrong with Islam. Let’s hone in and start talking about Sharia, not Islam in general. From now on, say “Sharia Supremacist” every time you are tempted to say “Islamic” or “Muslim” as an adjective for bad behavior by a Muslim.

Muslims would be fine were it not for Sharia.

Barack Obama doesn’t want to say Muslim/Islamic/Islamist terrorist.

George Bush was similarly squeamish.

Nobody wants to lump in all decent American or other Muslims with terrorists.
But everybody wants to know how to tell the difference between “bad” Muslims and “good” Muslims.

The difference is Sharia.

I want to be clear here — I’m not going squishy. Most Muslims, worldwide, are “bad” Muslims. They are Sharia Supremacists. In America, we believe that we have the cream of the Muslim crop. Meaning, Muslims who came here to get the hell away from Sharia.

The majority of Muslims worldwide are Sharia Supremacist backward barbarians who believe in clitoridectomy and even worse oppressions of women. They hate democracy and pluralism. Talk about rape culture–in most Sharia states, rape is not just a right but a duty. Seriously, they punish “crimes” committed by women by raping them to teach them a lesson. Nearly all Sharia states are hell-holes of every day human rights violations. The best of them cut the noise down to every-week human rights violations. Sharia supremacists are violent, misogynistic, tribalist, murderous and terrorist.

All of this bad behavior can be traced to one source: Sharia.

Muslim sharia law is a barbaric leftover from the 7th century that no decent person advocates. Sharia is totalitarian. It abrogates freedom in the most detailed aspects of human life, and demands all submit to its barbaric stupidity. When orthodox Muslims are allowed into other societies, they are duty-bound to advance Sharia by whatever means are most effective. Reminds me a little of growing up Mormon, when the Mormon official slogan was “Every member a missionary.”

The only thing you need to ask to decide if a Muslim is a “good” Muslim or a “bad” Muslim is, do you believe in Sharia? Good luck getting an honest answer to that question from an American Muslim. It’s kind of like asking a Hollywood celebrity in 1955, “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?”

Nonetheless, the problem we in the West have isn’t with all Muslims. I know several Muslims who obviously immigrated to America to get the hell away form Sharia. And here in the USA, where you’d think they’d feel safe, they still pay lip service to Sharia Supremacism because Sharia is a murderous ideology that tracks down and kills apostates all the time. it’s exactly like Italian immigrants worried about the long arm of the Mafia reaching out from Sicily to take them down.

Sharia is the adjective to use, not Muslim, not Islamic. If you say Sharia, you draw the real battle lines.


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