The Trials of KellyAnne

WARNING: Swear words ahead.

Now that the Republicans have won all Federal elections, the news media suddenly cares about every “ethics” rule violation.

As Glenn Reynolds has noted many times, there are now so many laws that anyone can be charged for something if the government or establishment is out to get them.

Even a Democrat must admit that had KellyAnne Conway known she was in violation of some ethics rule, she would never have done a shout-out to Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. You may hate KellyAnne, and all Democrats should, because she tamed Trump and pushed him over the finish line, but she’s not stupid. Only an evil Democrat jackass could claim she knowingly violated the “so-called” rules.

Had she known the rule existed, she would not have violated it. She was reacting emotionally and appropriately to the coordinated boycott of Ivanka Trump’s businesses and economic terrorism against her by you foul Democrats. You evil Democrats who try to ruin people’s livelihoods if they disagree with you. You Democrats have also gone beyond boycotts to trying to get people fired if they dare disagree with you. I know personally what that looks like.

I remember when you Democrats were appalled by Donald Wildmon’s boycotts. I agreed with you and spoke up. You Democrats are now way worse than Wildmon ever was.

You Democrats who spray-painted and otherwise vandalized Ivanka items in retail stores. Who used your Twitter campaigns to help destroy her livelihood. You lazy mainstream malevolent accessory-after-the-fact Democrats who knew exactly what was going on but said nothing. God damn you, and I mean that seriously. What is wrong with you that you countenance this? That’s a rhetorical question. I know exactly what’s wrong with you.

KellyAnne Conway, possessed of a normal and decent moral compass, outraged by what you Democrats were doing to a perfectly nice, decent, productive woman she knows well, said, in essence:

Fuck you, you Democrat morons who try to ruin everyone’s lives if they don’t toe your party line–everyone go buy something by Ivanka to stand up to these Democrat douche nozzles.

KellyAnne Conway is a hero.She only said what anyone who isn’t a punk would say.

And Jason Chaffetz is a gutless piece of letter of the law virtue-signaling Republican coward for attacking her.

If you want to email Jason Chaffetz the Feckless Weasel, you must make him believe first that you are in his district. Though he spouts off indiscriminately about national issues, he refuses feedback unless you’re in his backwater Utah district.

Use this zip code: 84501. Your location is Price, UT. The address is 250 E 500 N. For the rest of the information demanded, have some fun.

Maybe Chaffetz with his steroidal moral outrage unleashed now could investigate all the Federal government employees who are conspiring to encrypt all their official email to thwart Trump and future FIOA requests.

Apologize, Chaffetz, and defend Conway, if you have any decency.




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