Rat(you know what’ing) the President

You know what the title of this post means, if you ever saw the movie All The President’s Men.  If you didn’t see the movie, there’s always Urban Dictionary.

There was great media fanfare a couple of days ago when ICE deported a 30-something mother of 2 for “identity theft.” Meaning, she had false ID so she could work. She’d been caught at this years ago and was reporting to ICE every six months for being a bad girl. She entered the USA illegally when she was 14.  (I’d provide a link but it would go stale anyway). So she shows up for her 6 month checkin and gets handcuffed for her pains.

By all accounts, ICE agents are thrilled that Trump is President now, and so perhaps this was just incompetence that they made this particular illegal a poster child for how mean Trump is going to be to illegals. But I think it’s ratf***ing by the bureaucracy, not mere incompetence.

According to news reports, a 5 year old was handcuffed because of the Trump Muslim ban.

NOTE: I just said Muslim ban. Because we should ban all Muslims from these seven countries. Because there is NO WAY to vette them because there’s no government or only a nominal government or a completely hostile government in all of them. And that includes that 5 year old who was traveling with its Muslim parents.

For all you Democrats asking why didn’t Trump include Saudi Arabia and Pakistan on this list: Why didn’t Obama include Saudi Arabia and Pakistan on this list? This was Obama’s list, after all.

And, more responsively, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia may be horrible violators of human rights and hotbeds of Muslim barbarism, but they are at least sometime allies with functional civil societies. Personally, I think Trump should have included them. But is your stupid Democrat argument that you wanted more Muslim countries on Trump’s list? Or, as usual, are you just bitching to hear yourself bitch?

More examples of f***ing the rat:

The prosecutable actions of EPA apparatchiks encrypting official email to keep Trump from reading their plotting . . .

The repeated leaks of the content of Trump phone calls with foreign leaders . . .

The “intelligence community” leaking of Gen. Flynn’s at least putatively inappropriate Russian conversation; the DOJ hanging back for 10 days and not telling the Trump White House what they had gotten . . .

I’m sure there are hundreds more examples that haven’t been reported.

Most Presidents accept that you can only implement change within the parameters the bureaucracy allows.

I suspect Trump is different, and less naive than Ned Stark. Heads on pikes. Not Trump’s head either.

I love how Democrats have suddenly discovered till now smothered love for the Constitution and the “Intelligence Community.”








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