True Fascism

We need to rehabilitate the term “Fascist!” Right now, it’s just something you snarl at anyone who disagrees with you politically.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

Goons in masks hurling bombs and bricks do it in the name of opposing “Fascists!”

Democrats in pantsuits do the same.

Conservatives say that goons in masks hurling bombs and bricks are the real “Fascists!”

Here’s my modest proposal:

Any totalitarianism not based on Marxian/Identity politics is Fascist.

I don’t know what the hell to call the Marxian totalitarians. I doubt there is any term they would agree on.

I was wrong to call Obama a fascist. He is a Marxist. Why Obama’s Marxist supporters take offense to this, I don’t know. It’s like they think Marx is Hitler or something, but they all love Marx, just shush! don’t tell anybody.

The “extreme right” in Europe is totalitarian, but not Marxian. All of the people in America who love Marine Le Pen–we’re making a category mistake because of superficial policy resemblances.

Marxian totalitarianism, in the West, is based on Identity group politics. You find as many identity groups as possible to set against each other, and after they fight, something wonderful eventually happens when we take control of all of them.

Fascist totalitarianism says, this nation will unite and become great again, by God, or else!

The passing resemblance of Fascist rhetoric to Donald Trump is as illusory as the passing resemblance of Marxian rhetoric to supporting “dissent.”

Trump is not a fascist, and you idiots who say he is are a big reason I’m writing this.

Fascist totalitarianism is flexible. Its nature depends upon its nation. It may be pro-Christian or anti-Christian. Pro- or anti-technology. All Muslim nations are Fascist, by my definition and their Hitler-sympathizing self-identification. Seriously, Muslims, what is your problem, you Fascist retards?

Marxian totalitarianism is like putting a bunch of rabid wolverines in a box and expecting a dialectical Savior to emerge. It’s like Fight Club as ideology. Seriously, Lefties, what is your problem, you Marxist retards?

This isn’t about Right vs Left. This is about we who hate totalitarianism against Right + Left.

Let’s stop fighting against the idea that Hitler and Mussolini were on the Right. Or that Stalin and Mao were on the Left.

Instead, let’s redefine Left and Right as two horrible options that no decent person accepts. Marxist or non-Marxist totalitarianism, that’s what Left and Right really means.

The violent goons in masks yelling “Fascist!” are wrong, but at least they are morally coherent. They are the actual Fascists. Their moral compass may be inverted, but at least they understand the issues.

I reject both Right and Left as totalitarian WWE wrestlers.






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