When Two Tribes Go to War

Trump’s win was much bigger than the percentages say.

In 22 states, Trump won by more than 10 points. Often, by a lot more, like 2 to 1.

The “swing states” are swing states. Trump pretty much cleared the table there, of course, by not much. That’s why they’re called swing states.

Take away California, and Hillary lost the popular vote too. Bigly!

(Yeah, I know Trump actually says Big League, but I love Bigly!)

So let’s talk about California. 50 million people, at least 20% or 30% illegals. Under the Constitution, California gets 55 electoral votes. Ok, but were this based on actual citizens, not just population, California would have at most 45 electoral votes.

Every Democrat who says, “Trump can’t prove that the votes of illegals in CA made Hillary the sore loser popular winner” have made it so Trump can’t prove it. There is no system of voter verification because Democrats obstruct it. Every dimbulb Democrats says the claim that 3.1 million illegal alien votes is “unfounded” as if the burden of proof isn’t on them. Democrats have no idea who’s voting. They make it impossible to know, so the burden is on them. If they say, “Racism!” fight even harder. That’s just the first refuge of scoundrel Democrats, charging “Racism!”

But vote fraud is not the main issue. What just happened in this election was that America sorted into two tribes.

The Identity Politics tribe (Democrats and Marxists) and the Rest of Us.

There is no rapprochement or compromise between these two tribes.You either identify foremost as American or as female/trans/black/oppressedforsomereason.

A lot of people who aren’t in the Identity Politics tribe voted Democrat. These are people who don’t yet get how much you Identity Politics people hate them. You could call these Democrats un-woke. But you Identity-mongers are doing an awesome job waking them lately!

Unless the Trump Presidency is an actual disaster with foodlines and war, you Identity Politics Democrats are done. Your grandchildren might be a force again in American politics, but not likely.

It’s going to be easy in the next few years to peel off your soft support. Not one Trump supporter will defect to you.

Trump won against the united onslaught of the Democrat media and establishment. They talk about how Comey hurt Hillary and such, but that’s butthurt rationalization, and even were it true, self-inflicted wounds anyway. 22 states didn’t vote 10 points or more for Trump than for Hillary because Comey.

You Democrats have no idea how much the rest of us hate you. And it’s not because, in your self-regarding narrative, that we feel “left behind.” Trump was bulletproof because we hate you. We don’t feel “left behind.” We feel like you Democrats are Caligula’s court.

We hate you because you are corrupt. We hate you because you are parasites. We hate you because you are stupid and wrong about what matters most. We hate you because you are trying to murder what matters most. We hate you because you are smug Marxians who won’t learn from history and we fear what happens to us if you ever really get serious power in America. We hate you because you are Lena Dunham and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and other awful people who are obviously awful but you don’t get it. We hate you because you have declared yourselves our enemies.

As Churchill said, Americans will eventually do the right thing after trying everything else.

That is why we beat you putrid Democrats this year and why we have let you ruin us for the last 40 years. Let me boil it down to a sentence: You Democrats lost because you finally really pissed off Americans with your hubris in the last 8 years.

I have to admit, I was terrified that Hillary would win. I predicted Trump would win, and I believed it empirically, but I was scared to death of what would happen were I wrong.

This was the most important election since Reagan, and I was demoralized by the notion that the American people were no longer what they were when they elected Reagan. I was happily wrong to start buying in to my own fears and pessimism.I will remember Election Night 2016 as one of those great moments where my “Pollyanna” temperament was rewarded. As results rolled in, I couldn’t believe what I expected was actually coming true.

But it’s still war, obviously. Please, Democrats, surrender.






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