Explain This

The Clinton Global Initiative is tits-up. The moment Hillary Clinton became politically irrelevant, the donations dried up. The evil Clintons shut it down just after she lost the election. The Clintons are so obvious.

CGI was obviously a shakedown scheme and the only reason the Clintons won’t be RICO prosecuted is The Greater Good of the Republic.

But…every single one of you Democrats are covered in slime like extras in Ghostbusters for supporting the slimy Clintons. If you think the rest of us are going to forget, well, your wishful thinking knows no bounds.

How dare you support the Clintons beyond the early 1990s? What the hell is wrong with you corrupt people who made the corrupt Clintons into Democrat royalty?

You want Donald Trump, you vile establishment Democrats? This is how you get Donald Trump.

If you ever voted for or supported Hillary Clinton you helped destroy the Democrat Party.

Go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done.

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