Intersectionalism. A lot of people haven’t heard that term. It’s the new attempt by the racist identity politics Democrat mob to try to keep it interesting.  It’s trying to turn a joke into a movement.

For as long as I can remember, there have been jokes about how you can hire a black lesbian jewish handicapped female to get all your quotas done in one.  That joke is intersectionalism in a nutshell.

Intersectionalism is really checkbox-ism. The more “oppressed” checkboxes you can mark (female, black, lesbian, gay, trans, whateverthehellIfeellikebeingtoday) the more entitled to oppress other people points you get. If you’re a gay Latina, you can tell straight Latinas to STFU.

It’s not quite that simple. There is some rock-paper-scissors going on.

Gay trumps female. Black trumps white. And hispanic. Gay trumps black (because black people can’t stand gays).  Female trumps male. Black female trumps nothing. Nobody can stand black females. Black females would love to trump fat white females, but it ain’t gonna happen until the Sisters go to Jenny Craig. Trans trumps gay. Muslims trump whoever they want right now. Immigrants trump white liberals, but not black people.

You intersectionalist Democrat morons are the reason the word “balkanized” was coined.


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