I’ve stopped posting on Facebook

There was a a time, last year or two, where attacking Democrats verbally was politically effective. I was horrible on Facebook and other social media in the fight.  I excoriated Democrats, got unfriended regularly and verbally raped and pillaged every Democrat.

This was before Trump was the Republican nominee. I knew that this fight must be joined and it was time for flame-throwers. When Trump came along, I doubled down. Trump proved I was right that the time had come to revolt against revolting Democrat PC.

Recently, I got fired from my job, ironically on the day Trump was elected. Many people have told me it was because of my Facebook insurgent posts. I don’t really think so. But they could be right. Regardless…
The time for talk is over. Democrats can’t be talked to. Their violent, lying, subversive reactions after the election are at least clear. There is no compromise possible.

I’m not sure what comes next.  But I’m going to figure it out.  What I think is that the hysterical Democrat reactions to Trump’s election are because they know that he directly threatens their jobs.

It’s important to ruin Democrat jobs, now, fast. I don’t know how to do that yet, but I’m thinking about it.


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