Susan Rice

This whole Trump is Putin’s bitch/Obama abused his authority thing is ridiculously confused because the media CAN’T ASK INTELLIGENT QUESTIONS.

Here are some intelligent questions:

  • How many times in her tenure as national security advisor has SusieR asked for unmasking (de-minimizing)? Can I get a graph of those requests by month?
  • Did SusieR give reasons that the collecting agencies considered legitimate for each of those requests? Did she sometimes give no reason or a reason that was an obvious pretext?
  • How many of her demands for unmasking were resisted by front-line intelligence people and then overruled from above?
  • Has any other national security advisor ever made this many unmasking requests?
  • Who are all the USP’s unmasked?
  • What did SusieR do with all this information? Was any of it forwarded for further action by any intelligence agency? Did she contribute any insight that led to further action?
  • How many of her requests had anything to do with Russia vs. how many didn’t?

I could keep going for a long time.

The gubmint will try to hide answers as “classified.”

I’ll go out on a limb. Susan Rice is a vile human being. She’s a liar for hire. She not only did everything she’s been accused of but a lot more.


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