There are a lot of Democrats that I like

None of the the Democrats That I Like have any intellectual firepower. They’re  go along to get along Democrats who haven’t thought seriously about anything since they graduated their asinine colleges and believed their asinine textbooks.

Not one of them has bothered to think seriously since then. 90% of them have never even heard of E.J. Dionne. They hate America (flyover America) reflexively. They know shit all about anything they have an opinion about. Trust me, I’ve talked to them.

Democrats especially in blue states are dumber than hell. They think they’re not because they are never confronted.

It’s fun to confound them. I have to remember, these are my friends, and while they may be as dumb as a box of hammers when it comes to anything in the wider world, they do an awesome job of being productive and living their lives and raising their kids.

Ideology is important, because it changes things bigly, but ideology is not the only thing to judge whether people are good people.

In my neighborhood, I think most people are totalitarian Marxists douchebags. They think I’m a fascist right-wing asshole.

We get along and like each other. I do like them, I think they like me.


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