I’m rethinking boycotts

In a civil society, it’s a bad idea to punish people economically who disagree with you politically.

I have been against boycotts so far. If Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey is yummy, buy it! I hate their politics but love their ice cream.

Of course, Democrats have no such tolerance.

They tried to ruin Ivanka Trump (it backfired, like most Democrat schemes do). Democrats, as the totalitarians they all are at heart, always try to ruin people economically when they disagree with them. Egregious case in point, their hateful BDS campaign against Israel.

I’m pretty close to concluding that civil society is a bygone thing. We should ruin Democrat businesses like they try to ruin decent people and countries and organizations.

The Target boycott is a case in point. Target lost 20% of its market cap because the AFA went after them about being the bathroom NAZIs.

That was a very successful boycott. Target lost millions of customers it will never get back.

Rather than bitch on Facebook, I’m thinking now about, what are the features of a successful boycott? This is war, not civil society. Nice job, Democrats. Now we frame it like you do.

First, you can’t boycott the NFL. Some people may quit watching because of Colin Idiotprick.  But there is no good substitute for the NFL. It’s really painful to give up watching the NFL just because Colin BigStupidHair is an asshole. There must be a reasonable, easy substitute for any boycott to succeed. Boycotters won’t sacrifice much to boycott.

Second, the boycotted business must do something really annoying to millions of people. Starbucks keeps trying to win this idiot championship. This Christmas, .let’s push them over the finish line. Starbucks is a perfect boycott target.

Third, customers must like the alternatives to what they’ve just boycotted better.

I’m having a serious moral crisis. I think boycotts are awful. Boycotts are war. If you punish someone economically for their political opinions, you are an asshole. And that is exactly what I’m advocating now.

War against Democrats.


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