The Aftermath

The Alt + Right is in a huge snit right now about Trump’s strike on Syria’s airfield from which Assad launched his most recent Sarin strike.  That alone makes me applaud the strike.  But, for you Alt + Right people still willing to look at the actual effects, I think this was one of Trump’s best 4D chess moves:

  • The air field strike was purely symbolic. It did no real damage. HOW it was done was the most important thing. No dithering, no consultation with our dithering allies and it happened FAST. This was a warning shot intended to get the attention of many worthy targets, not the least of them the bureaucratic torpor of the West/NATO, along with the Chi-Coms and the NORKs.
  • It made all the right pigs squeal. But it wasn’t a big enough provocation to provoke anything but bluster.
  • This may be pure coincidence, but the Chinese have finally started sticking it to the NORKs. Certainly, this strike didn’t reduce the credibility of Trump’s threat to deal with the NORKs unilaterally if China didn’t help.
  • The NORKs have gone even more batshit crazy than usual, trying to restore business as usual (appeasement). In response, Trump has moved serious American firepower into NORK space. I’ll have more to say about this later.
  • Rex Tillerson went to Moscow and spoke truth to Russian power like I’ve never heard, well not since Reagan. Behind the scenes, I would be shocked if Tillerson didn’t promise the Russians they could build their Syrian oil pipeline if they cooperated with us in transitioning the Assad family out of power.
  • Trump has split the Russians from the Chi-Coms, and is probably bribing both to act in USA interests.
  • Everyone who cheered the strike on Assad’s airfield has no choice but to cheer the MOAB dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan.

All you lily-livered conservatives who are already starting to turn on Trump, shame on you. Even if I’m wrong and he’s screwing up, he’s our quarterback and we’re not going to get another one.


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