Cultural Marxism

What is cultural Marxism? There are lots more sophisticated definitions and exegeses on the web than what I’m about to say here, but none are more fundamental and correct. I’m at peace with calling what the Left/Democrats are doing Cultural Marxism. And my definition has already won, but I’m trying to say it even more clearly.

Cultural Marxism, like actual Marxism, hates what is because it is. It’s teenage brattiness with a PhD. Read Jerome Bixby’s “It’s a Good Life” to understand why Marxism killed so many hundreds of millions in the last century.

Cultural Marxism is against “whatever is” because “whatever is” must be dialectically defeated to bring about Utopia or the Workers’ Paradise or jobs that pay well that aren’t really jobs. It’s important to understand that postmodernism or cultural Marxism or identity politics is always a cheap rationalization for “I’m lazy as hell, pretty smart, and the thought of getting a real job after college makes me throw up in my mouth. Oh, and I hate myself.”

According to cultural Marxists, ordinary people are, at best, unenlightened brutes whose values and “consciousness” are false. All of the things that ordinary people stake their lives on are bullshit. Family and consistent hard work at real things that make a real difference are chimerical as a basis for real life.

Cultural Marxists are every one formally educated elites, who out themselves as unfit to exercise the discipline required to sustain real family and real work. They interpret this failing as a badge of superiority, transcending the mundane, and think they have a mandate to remake society into a place where people like them are rewarded for being smarter than thou instead of doing real work and keeping real families together. Cultural Marxists write essays and screenplays that nobody cares about but them, depend on government sinecures and organize the disgruntled for a living. Like Obama. And his big ol’ wife, Sweetyface.

That’s cultural Marxism in a nutshell.

We conservatives put up too much with cultural Marxism in movies and entertainment. We suspend disbelief about the cultural Marxist frame as long as a skillful story is told. Westworld is a perfect example. Skillful as hell, wrong on every level about how real people are and how the real world works.

I’m not going to do any spoilers. Everything I’m about to say is obvious from the first episode.

Westworld assumes that the ordinary person is depraved and would love to kill and rape if a vacation package offered it and they could get away with it. Really? I can’t imagine being able to afford Westworld. Oh, sure, I might go if I believed the travel brochures about it being a wholesome family vacation, but the show makes it clear that 99% of their customers are ordinary people who will pay anything to be serial killers for a week with no consequences.

Westworld assumes that evil is vested only in private corporations. And their customers. Who arent’ “woke.” It’s ok to be a customer if you’re “woke.”

I could keep going on, but I want to focus on “assumes.”

The cultural Marxism in Westworld is “assumed.” It’s not the plot, it’s the world in which the plot occurs. Of course, everyone running Westworld is horrible. Of course, everyone vacationing in Westworld is depraved. That’s “assumed.” It never occurs to the cultural Marxists writing Westworld that we’re not who they think we are. Westworld is entirely about the corrupt indulging themselves and trying to corrupt the virtuous.

Westworld would like to believe it’s about exploring a crackpot Julian Jaynes theory about how consciousness emerges, but it’s really about hating people like you and me.

The theme of Westworld is that you, the average person, are at heart, if unleashed, a depraved, violent person who would indulge your worst fantasies if only you could.

This Westworld would make Michael Crichton turn over in his grave. It’s skillful and it’s evil cultural Marxism.

What is, is bad. You are what is. You are therefore bad. Got it? Cultural Marxists hate you because you make life work under the current system, and they refuse to or can’t

I thoroughly enjoyed Westworld.


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