The Antifa got its first taste this weekend of what happens when you think you have a monopoly on street violence.

They got wedgies. They got their belts removed and got hogtied with their belts. They got humiliated.

Of course, the Democrat news media didn’t cover this story, opting instead for violence broke out blah blah blah in general no details.

But what happened was a warning shot that shouldn’t be ignored. The Trump people, armed with bicycle helmets and probably other stuff, especially tactical expertise, formed themselves into an effective force and kicked the living shit out of the black bloc antifas, without killing any of them or even significantly bloodying them up.

Had the Trump forces thought to bring toilets, the Antifa would have been swirlied.

I think this is a really good sign.  I’d much rather ridicule the Antifa than kill them.




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