Oops, I missed it again . . .

In my post about North Korea, I missed one obvious scenario:

Kim Fat Fuk launches but it fizzles.

Which is what actually happened.

The fact that it fizzled doesn’t matter. With all that American power in his front yard, that crazy little Fat Fuk felt froggy anyway.

Had the launch succeeded, Americans would have had to at least try to shoot it down.

Perhaps KFF (Kim Fat Fuk) sabotaged his own missile to avoid a confrontation. I highly doubt the USA had anything to do with the failure.

But let’s say this was a real failure. He tried, knowing that we were likely to shoot his missile down.

Think about this.

I’d be shocked right now if he didn’t have one of his mini-nukes sitting in a storage unit in one or more American cities. The idea that the Iranians or NORKs have to develop an ICBM to touch us is stupid. They may have to do it to touch Israel, but we are a much softer target.

I’m very worried that several small nukes might go off this year within minutes of each other in several American cities. Thank God for Trump. I’m pretty sure Pyongyang and Tehran will cease to exist an hour later.  But the feckless Bushes and Clintons and Obamas let this get way out of hand.

It’s probably a good thing I’m not in charge, because I’d level Pyongyang and Tehran tomorrow. I don’t care how many millions of innocent people get killed. They’re not Americans and their society and government shouldn’t have threatened us. We didn’t care about killing innocent Germans when they were Heiling Hitler. Including ones who weren’t Heiling but hadn’t emigrated in time.

I have ZFG about how many South Koreans in Seoul get killed when we get serious about dealing with the NORKs. They’ve made themselves voluntary hostages to North Korea, depending on the American umbrella, regardless of how we’ve told them we can’t protect them when they’re that close, and they’re mostly assholes anyway, bitching about American “imperialism.” Play stupid games, South Koreans, win stupid prizes. What the hell is wrong with you burgeoning your biggest city right next to your biggest enemy?

The only reason North Korea continues to exist is that nobody wants to have the South Korean casualties in the millions. Except me. I don’t want them, but I don’t care. We’d have dealt with the NORKs long ago had you South Korean assholes not decided to build your whole infrastructure within artillery range.

And all your blue roofs look stupid, you SORK Stockholm Syndrome DORKs.


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