Ann Coulter is right

The most important issue of the 2016 election, and why Trump won, is illegal immigration.

This is going to sound racist. Sorry, that’s wrong. I hope this sounds racist. Because I want to provoke all people who scream “racist!”  This will be short and un-nuanced, thus subject to “racist!”

I haven’t actually read her book, but I probably should.

Here’s the timeline:

  • Democrats in the 1960’s realize they’re in a demographic death spiral. America is getting more prosperous and bourgeois, as blacks adopt white Western values and achieve white Western success.
  • Democrats at last back Civil Rights legislation, after ferociously opposing it since they started the Civil War, putting in poison pills intended to reverse natural black cultural progress and integration.
  • Democrats put black people back on anti-plantations, where the rules reward not working but voting Democrat, along with strongly dis-incenting black men and women from forming families. Leftist Democrats of the Great Society era deliberately and cynically and with full consciousness of what they were doing set out to destroy black progress, and they mostly succeeded, mostly because people like me couldn’t believe they were that evil.
  • Democrats hedge their bets with Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill, intended to flood America with new Democrat voters. Meaning, people who are poor, stupid and easily-herded.
  • 80% of immigrants vote Democrat. America is exceptional. These people come from the unexceptional part of the world. Which part of the world sucks because it’s in line with Leftist Democrat ideology. Democrats tilt the quotas in favor of the worst parts of the unexceptional world coming here because the will vote 4/5 Democrat.

America is now at a tipping point. Democrats, unable to reliably oppress and recruit normal working Americans, have gone from legally importing new Democrat voters, to stampeding illegal immigrants across the borders that they think they will eventually be able to add to their voting rolls, one way or another.

They’re doing the same thing now with Muslim “refugees,” trying to take over specific states.

If we don’t now stop the Democrats from their 50 year project of importing a new electorate because they hate you and me, Civil War is inevitable. Democrats think they can run the table on us. No, at a certain point, we will stop them. We are exceptional. It’s obvious they learned nothing from the last Civil War.

I’m not going to put up with Muslims harassing my wife on the street for looking hot, and neither are you. I’m not going to put up with Mexican illegals dumping their garbage every night on my lawn and harassing my kids on the way to school and neither are you. Unless you live in California.  Why there haven’t been lynch mobs yet in central California farm country is beyond me. Illegals there really deserve to have the living shit kicked out of them. Maybe take a page out of the Democrat playbook and instead of the KKK have the MMM.

When is the last time Trump said something about building the wall? Coulter is holding his feet to the fire by attacking him. I’m sure he’s doing stuff behind the scenes, but he needs to see that we still mean it because I think his support for this was shallow and emotional.  He will let it go if we don’t keep letting him know this is still our #1 issue.

And it is. More important than North Korea, or Iran, or Russia. Allowing immigrants into this country who come for the goodies, not the values, is THE long-term existential threat to your children. Sure, Iran/NOKO/etc could kill a few million of your kids, but these are transient threats that the USA is capable of neutralizing. We survived Pearl Harbor and 9/11, and we’ll survive (probably thrive) if LA, Seattle, Chicago and New York get nuked.

We will not survive if we surrender to collectivist values, which 80% of the rest of the world believes in.  We are exceptional because we are individualist. That means, we don’t sacrifice the ideas, the goals and the values of the individual to enforce a collective will. We even tolerate parents who deny their kids medical treatment because of religious belief. Think about this: who don’t you tolerate, and are you sure you want the state to be able to persecute them?

Religious people in America may not welcome gay people, and vice versa, but there are religious neighborhoods and gay neighborhoods. In America, neither side seeks a Final Solution. Individualism means putting up with, it means a truce with individuals you don’t agree with and even think are abhorrent.  Only on the most egregious violations of human rights shared by everyone do we call on state power to settle the issue.

Four of five immigrants to America do not believe in individualism. So, eventually, we will fight them. They have already declared  war on us. God help them when we notice it.












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