I Don’t Want Any Black Friends

I said something like this several years ago on this blog, lamenting the situation, but now I’m doubling down. I no longer lament, I blame black people.

I reject black people now as friends. I’m ok with them them as work colleagues. I have no problem with them in commercial transactions. If my broker is black, it’s thing 20 on my list of things by which I choose a broker, and I don’t even have 20 things.

But when it comes to being my personal friend, black people are Too Much Work.

You may say this is racist. I don’t care if it is. And I sure as hell don’t care if you call me racist. I’m white. Nothing I do isn’t racist according to Democrats and Democrat black people. So you’re going to have a hard time making me give a damn what you think of me, since no matter what I do, I’m still a racist according to idiots like you.

90% or more of black people still vote Democrat. That’s even stupider than when 90% of black people thought OJ was innocent. Just because most black people think something doesn’t mean it’s racist to think that what most black people think about something is stupid. Black people believe in a lot of stupid things that nobody else believes in. That’s politically incorrect to say. But it’s true. Black people in America are inordinately susceptible to stupid ideas, like voting Democrat, as the most salient example.

(Don’t make me do a post about stupid shit that black people believe that nobody else does, because it will be a long post, and everyone, especially black people, knows I’m right anyway.)

The Democrat Party has been completely captured by cultural Marxist identity politics. Any black person who still votes Democrat is at least hypnotized, if not committed to, racist identity politics. This means resentment of everyone who isn’t black. This alone is why white people should be suspicious of black people. Every Democrat black voter is invested in resenting white people.

The overwhelming majority of black people in America assert absurd moral claims on me just because I’m white.  These claims include the right to beat me down if I stray into their neighborhoods except to buy illegal drugs from them, to take my money to raise the children they refuse to, to get me to pay “reparations” for things they never suffered that they can’t prove my ancestors did, and to force me to put up with absurd bullshit in the workplace that I would never put up with from a white man.

I’m not racist; black people are Too Much Work.

The only time I want to have contact with black people anymore is when they are indicating their individual willingness to behave decently in advance. The black girl at the checkout counter is A-OK with me. My black stockbroker. My black colleague at work. A black person being interviewed on Charlie Rose. Denzel Washington.

Most black people have self-identified (to use a currently fashionable term) as being a giant pain in the ass. It’s unusual now to find a black person being cordial to a white person except in commercial transactions.

Even if I have one of the decent black people as a friend individually, sooner or later, I’m going to have to deal with the vile black people who are in his family and circle. There’s going to be a scene with the Democrat racist voter, the one who won’t stop saying nigger in my house, the arrogant illiterate who thinks she can mouth off and police my opinions, and, most especially, the dangerous ones. I don’t want to have to carry a gun to my own barbecue.

There are a lot less than 6 degrees of separation between decent black people and vile black people.  Oh, so sorry, if that offends. Everyone knows it’s true. Decent black people need to separate themselves. Till they do . . .

As Carl Weathers says, “NOT INTERESTED.”





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