Today in Tiny Totalitarianism….

September 3, 2011

New category on the blog, TTT.

Adam Carolla, my personal hero, is full of shit when he denies the reality of slippery slopes.

Back in the ’80’s when mandatory seat belt laws were being proposed, the proponents promised that they’d never make this a primary offense (meaning, a cop could never pull you over just for not wearing a seat belt–he had to have some other pretext). Today, in every state I’ve ever lived in, not wearing a seat belt is a primary offense. Click It or Ticket.

Adam, god-you-don’t-believe-in love ya, consider the income tax which you┬áinveigh against frequently┬áif you think there are no slippery slopes. Think about sanctuary cities and social services offered to illegal immigrants and the recent Obama administration declaration suspending deportation proceedings unless you’re illegal AND a proven criminal. Think about DHS vans driving down city streets, spraying backscatter radiation everywhere, scanning every parked car for contraband.

Government is nothing but slippery slopes. Carolla likes to bitch about how the NRA treats everything as a slippery slope and they needlessly freak out about everything. THAT’S BECAUSE THEY GET IT AND YOU DON’T. Dear Adam, stop being such a fucktard on this point. Love, HLET.

We are in this fucked-up fiscal situation because of Medicare and Social Security slippery slopes.

Many, many, too goddamn many years ago, I started arguing that as welfare, medical and otherwise, gets more expensive, we will start trying to control costs by controlling people. We’ve been doing that for a long time, but until the last few years in mostly benign ways. The Clinton welfare reforms were much more libertarian than totalitarian, for example.

But now the fiscal pressures are bigger and the mindset of the ruling class is much more arrogant.

Here’s a minor sampling of what these San Francisco/New York/Washington, DC motherfuckers have been proposing that THE GOVERNMENT must control these last few years:

  • kids’ toys in happy meals
  • restaurant cooking oil
  • smoking in your own home or car
  • what bin you put your trash in
  • what lightbulbs you put in your house
  • who can smoke in your business establishment

Ok, that’s enough, you get the point, there are a million points of light in the totalitarian universe of douchebags who have nothing better to do than try to make other people do what they think is right down to the tiniest details.

I have about a thousand million examples of this shit happening but I never remember them or write them down. My Labor Day’s resolution is to start cataloging each of these outrages.

The TTT category will be reserved for social engineering proposals that deserve the death penalty for those pushing them or agreeing with them.

If you think I’m wrong about anything in this category, and you don’t have the courage to kill yourself, send me a plane ticket and I’ll come to your house and kill you quickly and painlessly. Trust me, I’m not into pain, I’m into gene pool improvement.

First in TTT, courtesy of the awesome Amy Alkon:

Legislation has been introduced in California that would require anyone hiring nannies or even ad hoc babysitters to knuckle under to all kinds of work rules, like breaks. Every 2 hours, you’d have to give your babysitter a break if you want to go to a movie. Sorry, honey, we can’t see Avatar. It’s against sitter regulations because it’s almost 3 hours.

This is legislation proposed by one douchebag crazy California Democrat from San Francisco. It probably won’t pass. So why get my panties in a bunch about it?

Because about 1 in 50 dumbshit ideas like this sneak through. That’s how the slippery slope works. You pass ADA to help the handicapped, and the next thing you know there are regulations on zip-line tour operators about having wheelchair ramps and crazy people getting crazy-people-“assistance” dogs suing the hell out of hotel owners who refuse to allow their dogs to stay. And the crazy people have no legal duty to say “my psychiatrist prescribed this dog”–the hotel owner with the “no dogs” policy is fined if he doesn’t ask and fined if he does for making the crazy bitch with the crazy bitch doberman feel uncomfortable.

Like terrorists, the tiny totalitarians only have to win once out of a thousand times to win.

Remember Franz Kafka? You think he was only writing about European government bureaucracy?

Tiny Totalitarianism is ruining America. Not as fast as single mothers are, but it’s trying to catch up.

Everything Michelle Obama says is TT. Michelle and her minions, like that little cunt Michael Bloomberg are now actively trying to control WHAT YOU EAT. If you let them, you deserve to be eaten.

Oh and back to that California piece of shit who proposed the babysitter rules? If and when he’s re-elected, we should take up a collection, make a neutron bomb, and drop it on his district.