There are a lot of Democrats that I like

April 6, 2017

None of the the Democrats That I Like have any intellectual firepower. They’re  go along to get along Democrats who haven’t thought seriously about anything since they graduated their asinine colleges and believed their asinine textbooks.

Not one of them has bothered to think seriously since then. 90% of them have never even heard of E.J. Dionne. They hate America (flyover America) reflexively. They know shit all about anything they have an opinion about. Trust me, I’ve talked to them.

Democrats especially in blue states are dumber than hell. They think they’re not because they are never confronted.

It’s fun to confound them. I have to remember, these are my friends, and while they may be as dumb as a box of hammers when it comes to anything in the wider world, they do an awesome job of being productive and living their lives and raising their kids.

Ideology is important, because it changes things bigly, but ideology is not the only thing to judge whether people are good people.

In my neighborhood, I think most people are totalitarian Marxists douchebags. They think I’m a fascist right-wing asshole.

We get along and like each other. I do like them, I think they like me.


I’ve stopped posting on Facebook

April 6, 2017

There was a a time, last year or two, where attacking Democrats verbally was politically effective. I was horrible on Facebook and other social media in the fight.  I excoriated Democrats, got unfriended regularly and verbally raped and pillaged every Democrat.

This was before Trump was the Republican nominee. I knew that this fight must be joined and it was time for flame-throwers. When Trump came along, I doubled down. Trump proved I was right that the time had come to revolt against revolting Democrat PC.

Recently, I got fired from my job, ironically on the day Trump was elected. Many people have told me it was because of my Facebook insurgent posts. I don’t really think so. But they could be right. Regardless…
The time for talk is over. Democrats can’t be talked to. Their violent, lying, subversive reactions after the election are at least clear. There is no compromise possible.

I’m not sure what comes next.  But I’m going to figure it out.  What I think is that the hysterical Democrat reactions to Trump’s election are because they know that he directly threatens their jobs.

It’s important to ruin Democrat jobs, now, fast. I don’t know how to do that yet, but I’m thinking about it.

We mean to break your rice bowl

April 6, 2017

America is irrevocably divided. Because jobs.

Nearly all Democrats’ livelihoods depend on government. Either they work for government or work for institutions subsidized by government (higher education, charities & nonprofits) or depend on government contracts.

And then there’s the rest of us who voted for Trump. Who pay your bills at restaurants we can’t afford. Who make too much money to get Obamacare subsidies but not enough money to afford Obamacare. Who have our jobs destroyed by your diktats and regulations.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. We need to ruin Democrat jobs. I’m not sure exactly how to go about doing it yet, but this is the real battle.

Democrats really hate Trump voters because we threaten your livelihoods. I don’t want to just threaten you, I want to ruin you. Make you compete to get a job at Starbucks instead of in your parasite Democrat bubble.

This is going to be a hard fight. Because to win we have to ruin Democrat jobs. They’re going to fight like hell.

Susan Rice

April 6, 2017

This whole Trump is Putin’s bitch/Obama abused his authority thing is ridiculously confused because the media CAN’T ASK INTELLIGENT QUESTIONS.

Here are some intelligent questions:

  • How many times in her tenure as national security advisor has SusieR asked for unmasking (de-minimizing)? Can I get a graph of those requests by month?
  • Did SusieR give reasons that the collecting agencies considered legitimate for each of those requests? Did she sometimes give no reason or a reason that was an obvious pretext?
  • How many of her demands for unmasking were resisted by front-line intelligence people and then overruled from above?
  • Has any other national security advisor ever made this many unmasking requests?
  • Who are all the USP’s unmasked?
  • What did SusieR do with all this information? Was any of it forwarded for further action by any intelligence agency? Did she contribute any insight that led to further action?
  • How many of her requests had anything to do with Russia vs. how many didn’t?

I could keep going for a long time.

The gubmint will try to hide answers as “classified.”

I’ll go out on a limb. Susan Rice is a vile human being. She’s a liar for hire. She not only did everything she’s been accused of but a lot more.

Chelsea Hubbell

April 5, 2017

It’s pretty obvious to anyone with facial recognition skills that Chelsea Clinton’s father is Webb Hubbell. It seems mean to point this out. It is mean. Who cares? Trashing the Clintons is less than they deserve.

Hey, Chelsea, DNA tests. C’mon, just do it. Quit flapping your big Webb Hubbell flapping lips and take the test.

Chelsea Clinton on CBS This Morning

April 5, 2017

They kissed her nethers more than they would have Princess Diana’s.  Then they immediately did a segment about Princesss Diana. I did not expect that.


The Democrats have not given up depending on the Clintons. Snort.

Ok, then, let’s everybody be racist! Happy Fun Fun!

April 4, 2017

The Alt+Right is being rightfully excoriated for their identity group politics.

They think that Western Civilization is only possible and only happened because white men were large and in charge. They think that black people are genetically incapable of contributing much of anything to Western civilization except to its demise. And somehow the Jews are bad people too.

Every Democrat identity group is at least as bad as, usually worse than, the Alt+Right.

Feminists excoriate white men.

BLM blacks hate white people.

Democrats unite everyone who despises white men.

LGBTQAEIOU people hate white men and women and anyone who isn’t “fabulous!”

I’m a middle-aged white male. I’m sick of being hated by my inferiors.

Feminists, BLM blacks and alphabet-soup sexual deviant activists (I use that term not pejoratively, but statistically) are all my inferiors.

You are all stupid, self-serving and and self-destructive.

Self-destructive because why?

Because white men rock.  We are smarter, faster, stronger, better. You morons should celebrate us instead of simultaneously depending on us and trying to despise us into submission. You know what that’s called in a therapist’s office?  Hostile dependency. Look it up.

White men are the All-Star team of the human race. And we’re not racists. We welcome talent from everywhere.  That’s why we’re so awesome. We’re the only identity group that celebrates talent no matter where it comes from. Sure, it’s hard to join the club but that’s because it’s a hard club to join.

The Alt+Right wouldn’t exist were it not for the bigotry against white men that is the only unifying principle of the Democrat Party in America.

No, I don’t agree with the Alt+Right that women, black people, Jews, gays and Asians are …. deplorable and incapable of living up to White Men standards.

But I do think that White Men standards, from Aristotle to Newton to Hawking are the standard that all people should try to live up to. I would never have phrased it that way 20 years ago, but you Democrats have painted everything in identity group terms, so here’s me talking your narrative. White Men Rock. Without White Men, most of you Democrats wouldn’t only be dead, you’d never have been born. Your grandmothers would have died before bearing children.

I’m going to give a special shout out to black people in America.  You’re ridiculous. Your resentment and criminality are both way over the top.  You are so lucky to live here instead of in hellish genocidal Africa, but you still resent white people for your iPhones and your EBT and your retarded refusal to move out of Democrat controlled cities because you’re so addicted to government transfer payments. Meaning, for the most part, stupid Democrat white people who vote to pay you while you refuse to get a job.

Maybe black people really are as stupid and deplorable and irredeemable as the Alt+Right says they are. Prove the Alt+Right wrong.

The only reason the Alt+Right has any traction is the shitty behavior of most inner city black people. And most inner city black people should be ashamed of themselves for betraying their brothers and sisters by being horrible contribute-nothing commit-crimes human beings. Shame on black people in the inner cities. Shame!

You inner-city black people are the best, no, THE ONLY, argument for the Alt+Right. Nice job, inner-city black people.