The Last Honest Democrat

April 4, 2017

E.J. Dionne.

For years, I’ve listened to him make reasoned argument against everything I believe in, and loved him.

Since Trump, not so much. He sounds deranged.

Dionne proves, this country is irrevocably divided.

One side will win. One side will lose.

E.J. you are going to lose.




Explain This

April 4, 2017

The Clinton Global Initiative is tits-up. The moment Hillary Clinton became politically irrelevant, the donations dried up. The evil Clintons shut it down just after she lost the election. The Clintons are so obvious.

CGI was obviously a shakedown scheme and the only reason the Clintons won’t be RICO prosecuted is The Greater Good of the Republic.

But…every single one of you Democrats are covered in slime like extras in Ghostbusters for supporting the slimy Clintons. If you think the rest of us are going to forget, well, your wishful thinking knows no bounds.

How dare you support the Clintons beyond the early 1990s? What the hell is wrong with you corrupt people who made the corrupt Clintons into Democrat royalty?

You want Donald Trump, you vile establishment Democrats? This is how you get Donald Trump.

If you ever voted for or supported Hillary Clinton you helped destroy the Democrat Party.

Go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done.

Vote Fraud

April 4, 2017

Democrats claim there’s no significant voter fraud. Donald Trump can’t prove his claim of 3 million California illegal aliens voted against him.


Of course, he can’t. You lying Democrats have made it impossible for most states’ SecState to true the vote by even checking citizenship. In Washington state, I heard the Secretary of State admit she has no authority or capability to check voter rolls.

You lying Democrats have given illegal aliens drivers licenses in motor voter states and handed out voting registration cards to them simultaneously.

The burden of proof is on you lying Democrats. You deliberately prevent gathering the information that would prove how many illegal aliens actually vote.

It’s probably a lot more than 3 million. And they’re all Democrat voters. You think I’m wrong? All it takes is decent ID at each polling place to settle this.

Till then I’ll believe what I goddamn want to believe and you lying Democrats can’t prove me wrong.


Susan Effing Rice

April 4, 2017

My spidey sense tingled when Obama sent her out to lie about Benghazi on all the talk shows a couple of years ago.  She’s ambassador to the UN. Why is she talking about this instead of Hillary?

Well, she volunteered, that’s obviously why.

Then she got promoted to run NSA after that debacle. My spidey sense went full on itchy. Next to Valerie Jarrett, Rice is obviously Obama’s favorite apparatchick. And Obama put her in charge of surveilling all Americans.

Now we find out that Rice was the one improperly surveilling Trump’s campaign. She abused her power to provide transcripts of private phone calls to Democrat partisans dozens of times.

If Susan Rice is not criminally prosecuted, there is no rule of law.


April 4, 2017

Intersectionalism. A lot of people haven’t heard that term. It’s the new attempt by the racist identity politics Democrat mob to try to keep it interesting.  It’s trying to turn a joke into a movement.

For as long as I can remember, there have been jokes about how you can hire a black lesbian jewish handicapped female to get all your quotas done in one.  That joke is intersectionalism in a nutshell.

Intersectionalism is really checkbox-ism. The more “oppressed” checkboxes you can mark (female, black, lesbian, gay, trans, whateverthehellIfeellikebeingtoday) the more entitled to oppress other people points you get. If you’re a gay Latina, you can tell straight Latinas to STFU.

It’s not quite that simple. There is some rock-paper-scissors going on.

Gay trumps female. Black trumps white. And hispanic. Gay trumps black (because black people can’t stand gays).  Female trumps male. Black female trumps nothing. Nobody can stand black females. Black females would love to trump fat white females, but it ain’t gonna happen until the Sisters go to Jenny Craig. Trans trumps gay. Muslims trump whoever they want right now. Immigrants trump white liberals, but not black people.

You intersectionalist Democrat morons are the reason the word “balkanized” was coined.

Civil War! Seriously, Shirley?

April 3, 2017

There’s no question that had Hillary Clinton won the election, real hot civil war would have ensued within a decade. A lot of Democrats think me saying this is proof how deranged and apocalyptic I am.

Perhaps, but I’m just predicting.

No matter how the Trump presidency turns out, he’s at least delayed civil war for 4 to 8 years.

I’m not saying had Hillary been elected I would have tried to foment civil war. I’m saying civil war would have happened, and happened as I was about to retire. Seriously, you think that’s what I want? I was scared to death and pretty sure I wouldn’t survive a hot civil war. That’s why I voted against Hillary.

You Democrats, get this — We elected Trump as the last best chance to stop a hot civil war in America. You idiot Democrats were about to start the next Civil War like you started the last one. You should thank God we won this election to keep you from doing something so amazingly stupid again.

I did not predict civil war BECAUSE Hillary won. You Democrats reading this, stop being prepositionally challenged and understand what I’m saying. This post is mostly to help you.

I predicted civil war because of what Hillary would likely DO, not just because she won. Long story short, I think she would have tried a gun grab which in top of everything else, would have forced us to shoot back.

Now, we have you stuck on stupid Democrats inviting civil war, rioting and leaking, inciting a military coup (good luck with that) just BECAUSE Trump won. Not because he’s done anything yet.

Democrats hate Americans. For the most part, they really do. They think “flyover state” Americans are SIXHIRB morons.

Americans hate Democrats. For the most part, they really do. They think blue city Leftists mean to enslave them to pay for their Democrat faux jobs.

If there is civil war, Democrats will be exterminated. All the Democrats now fomenting civil war need to realize that they have concentrated themselves in easy target areas.

It may seem I am salivating for Civil War, to you Democrat idiots. No, I’m thinking about how it would go. Lots of people will get killed, people I care about.

At the end of the day, there will be no more Democrats.  You Democrats should start being nicer. Stop it, seriously, no more black bloc bullshit, no more violence and disruption of free speech. Everyone sees you and increasingly hates you.

All you ski-mask Democrats? At a certain point, we will target a mask. Don’t let it get to that point.



And if California falls into the ocean…

February 17, 2017

…like the mystics and statistics say it will….

That’s a Warren Zevon lyric.

WARNING: Swearing ahead.

Democrat assholes in California want to defect from the United States. I say “defect” instead of “secede” because “defect” is the right word.

Of course, they won’t defect. Rich California douchebags have been threatening to leave the US for decades if a Republican wins, and none of them ever do. I don’t know if that’s because they chicken out or because no country they would like to go to wants them. It’s probably chickening out.

So, less-rich but still too-rich Democrats in California are threatening secession. I shouldn’t have said threatening. Promising. Seriously, don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out.

Everyone knows this is posturing by pusillanimous pinhead Progressives who’ve never had a serious political point in their privileged lives.

What I’d like to see is a serious movement to eject California from the USA. That would make them pee their Progressive pants.