Why I Hate the Poor

February 26, 2009

I used to be one of  ’em and live next door to ’em, and that’s why I hate ’em. I know how they are.


Billions for Bombers

February 24, 2009

No, not billions, just almost a billion.

Via Haaretz, via Instapundit, Barack Warbucks just gave $900 million to the good folks of the Gaza strip.

As we’ve been reminded again and again, only 13 Israelis died and 1300 Palestinians died in the Recent Well-Deserved Unpleasantness. That’s 13 too many Israelis, as I count them.

According to Haaretz:

Preliminary estimates put the damage in Hamas-run Gaza after Israel’s offensive at nearly $2 billion.

Really? Amazing what mud huts and tunnels are going for these days–certainly more pricey than houses in Stockton, CA.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, many of those Palestinian deaths were “civilian.” I use the term loosely.

I subscribe to the Palestinian philosophy about the Jews, in the spirit of turnabout is fair play: “There is no such thing as a Jewish civilian.” Got it. I’ll send a bulletin to the AP about how all Palestinians are fair game too.

Hey, Allah, you better start cranking out more virgins–the Jews are coming and boy are they pissed! If you run out of 1300 x 72  chicks for 1300 dead pricks, your recently departed minions might start blowing things up in Paradise!

Kill Them All and Let Allah Sort Them Out

February 22, 2009

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama. I was going to, right up till he signed on to the Bush/Paulson bailout.

That broad-daylight heist turned me into a single issue voter: any politician who has voted for any of these bailouts is off my Christmas list forever.

I ended up voting for Sarah Palin. As a write-in, not for McCain/Palin. She was the only one of the 4 major stooges (Obama/Bidet/McCain/Her) who didn’t stump for the bailouts. She kept silent, wearing that ess-eating grin, while the campaign was underway.

I could have voted for Ron Paul, but that would break another of my rules: Don’t vote for Libertarian candidates. It only encourages them. I’m convinced that the Libertarian Party is a major party honeypot.

Still, I was glad Obama won, and I still am, because the other choice was McCain. If there’d been a Republican in the White House, the current stimulus package (and I understand “stimulus package” in the same sense that a farmer understands use of an electric prod to stimulate a bull’s package) would have been twice the size and hurt 4x as much.

Republicans, safely in the minority, can now pretend to be against the new boss. Their faux opposition is a just-in-time effort to rally their conservative base, the base that was about to lynch them. Lucky for them, they found a black man instead.

Any Republican politician who voted for the Paulson package but against the Obama plan is a lying hypocrite. Say what you will, the Obama plan is better. That’s like saying the Borg are better than the Hellraiser demons, but still.

Here’s the thing about voters who pin their hopes on either party: Both parties appease their base with bombastic rhetoric that accomplishes nothing. We’ve had Republicans in power for the last 30 years except for the Clinton interlude. Notice any significant change on abortion policy or other conservative social issues? Deficits lower lately?

During the dalliance with the Clintons, we got the defense of marriage act and don’t ask don’t tell.

Politicians get elected because an incensed minority, pissed off about gay rights or abortion or whatever, can be easily whipped up into making lots of phone calls if you only pretend to care about what they obsess about. These people never notice the lack of results because they’re so grateful to hear someone “important” chant back their own words to them.

Hello world!

February 22, 2009

Today is a day of tragedy. Thus this blog, where I can howl my outrage to the world, now that both of my surrogate ranters, Adam Carolla and Tom Leykis,  have been taken down on the same day with the same bullet. KLSX is dumping its talk format for cheap DJ-less music.

Oh, and arrivederci, Bonaduce!