Buffett and Bill’s Boneheaded Billionaire Adventure

August 5, 2010

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are spearheading a campaign to shame other billionaires into giving at least half their money to “charity.”

This is a sickening, misguided campaign on several levels.

First, it gives aid and comfort to the rapacious redistributionists.

I don’t care whether Gates and Buffett feel like they are expiating some kind of guilt or paying off some kind of debt they owe, it will be perceived that way.

Everyone who resents success, who rationalizes feeling entitled to take what others have earned, is a little more emboldened by this announcement.

If you earn an honest living, and you are kind of privately resentful about how you are taxed and screwed with all the time to benefit lazy people who chronically behave in ways that you disrespect, and you’re trying hard not to feel contempt for them…

If you haven’t read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, I can’t think of a better day to go pick up a copy. One of Rand’s central insights was that self-hating capitalists are a much bigger problem than self-aggrandizing socialists when it comes to destroying a society. To put it in Oprah terms, Buffett and Gates are co-dependent enablers.

Today’s act of abasement doesn’t erase all the good that Gates and Buffett have done. But it sure does sully it. I mean, they sure have sullied it.

Keeping on in Oprah terms, I’ve done some pretty co-dependent stuff myself.  And so have you. It’s a long hard lesson to learn that sometimes–USUALLY–helping hurts, especially when you are trying to help those who are the most ostentatiously and aggressively helpless.  It takes huge wisdom, in any long term relationship, to relate without an expectation of reciprocity, without doing huge harm to the person who isn’t expected to give back. Take a look at the parent/child relationship, a perfectly appropriate example of a non-reciprocal relationship. How often does even that end up as a tangled neurotic mess?

In light of the above, I feel about Gates and Buffett right now like we all feel when a co-dependent friend does something particularly stupid, self-effacing and exploited.  Part of me feels sympathy, part of me wants to sit them down and give them a good talking to (like that will do any good), part of me wants to bitch-slap them and yell, How can you be so smart and still be so stupid, part of me wants to take away their checkbook, and all of me wants to beat the crap out of their brat/spouse/culture who’s exploiting them.

Second, it pulls billions in capital away from productive enterprises.

Where do you think Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have their money right now? Under a mattress?

They have it invested in their businesses and in other businesses. If they want to turn it into charitable Cash for Cretins, they’re going to have to pull that money out of those businesses. I was going to go into how the mechanics of this will go. But then I deleted it because either you already know or you don’t care. Bottom line: no matter how carefully, deviously or gradually they do it, they will suck a certain amount of value and possibility out of productive enterprises to fund this stupidity. Yes, on paper Bill Gates and Warren Buffett own all their wealth. In actuality, that wealth is being USED every day by millions of other productive people who have agreed to give back a little to the billionaires who’ve funded them when they get rich too. By creating jobs and products that we love.

Either you get this stuff or you don’t, so I’m going to stop trying to explain it.

Third, why do we want these guys to have that much influence over the rest of us?

Let’s say I’m a billionaire. Or you are. What are your pet peeves and causes? Here are some of mine:

The United Way. What a crock that charity is. I think I’ll spend a few billion to compete with them and try to replace them.

The French. I’ll start a TV network with really good programming in English only and with English lessons, beam it into France, and have a countdown on the screen: 1000 days left to learn English before there are no more subtitles. The Frogs are a bunch of ridiculous bigots about their language and we should do something about it.

Smart school kids. If you’ve been bullied more than 3x in the last year and you have an IQ over 120, you can qualify for a scholarship to my MMA  & AK-47’s summer camp. We’ll teach you to never use the AK-47 against anyone you’re tall enough to kick in the throat and you should always try to take your principal to the mat before shooting him through his office window. Fake clitoridectomy kits.  I’ll just leave it at that.


Israeli flotilla killings

June 8, 2010

Initial reports were that the Israelis killed 11. Then they revised it to 9.


Kirk and Blumenthal

June 5, 2010

Republican Mark Kirk is apologizing for “misstating” his military service record.

Democrat Dick Blumenthal has also been busted for padding his military resume.

Partisans on both sides are trying to get the rest of us to excuse these two asshats.

Let’s get clear here: they didn’t just exaggerate a little about stuff where they were at least in the vicinity. It’s not like John McCain saying, “Then I told that North Vietnamese colonel that his mom was really good in the sack, and he broke both my legs 3 times for saying that.”

Neither of these fatuous pricks ever had a shot fired at them in anger. Yet.

Both of these pukes told ridiculous, specific, boldfaced lies about their bravery to make their audiences get all emotional and write checks. If either gets elected, I hope Al Qaeda goes after Chicago and Connecticut next.

I’m sorry about the 49% innocent people, but killing everyone who votes for these two is worth the collateral damage.

We better be lucky because we ain’t smart

May 9, 2010

I was watching John Brennan, Obama’s bureaucrat in charge of stopping panty bombers, on Fox News Sunday. He was blustering and sounding tough and had his talking points memorized and then Chris Wallace took him down effortlessly.

Brennan claims that his band of boneheads has stopped hundreds of plots and the ones that have gotten through are the tiny fraction that made it through their fine strainer.

Really? These incompetent dolts are the best that the Jihadis have thrown at us? The rest were worse and even more obvious and so you nailed them?

Of course, Brennan is a liar. The incompetence of the Jihadis is trumped only by the ideologically driven incompetence of the Obama administration. How come the frequency of these Keystone Kaeda attacks has stepped up so much on Obama’s watch? Sure, there were incidents in the Bush years, but few and far between. And in none of those cases was there such a trail of breadcrumbs as in each of Obama’s failures.

There’s no excuse for not catching the underpants bomber before he boarded the plane. Even his parents ratted him out, but Obama’s bureaucracy didn’t react.

Now, in this latest case, everyone’s giving Obama’s Keystone Kops mad props for catching this guy in 2 days. But they didn’t notice he was going back and forth to Pakistan more than a dozen times and was training in Taliban camps. And the guy almost made it out of the country because of multiple detailed leaks about the investigation that reached him on CNN.

If people like the panty bomber and this guy can strike at will, and fail only because of being demolition school dropouts, then who can the US government stop?

You know who I trust to fix this problem? Muslims. George Bush freaked them out with JDAMs and marines. While I am glad to see Obama eschewing torture in favor of murdering lots of bad guys by clubbing them to death with Predator drones, it doesn’t have the same effect on the rest of the Muslim world. They think they’re safe from American violence. They may bitch about how when we assassinated some deserving Imam that his kids were in the car, but they know they just have to not get in the car with known assholes to be safe. We need the Muslim world to be afraid that we’re going to go Bush-crazy on them again if they don’t knock it off. Otherwise, they’ll just wink wink nudge nudge and quietly support terrorism against us because come on, admit the truth we all know–they resent and hate the USA nearly as much as American liberals do.

I thought Hillary was hilarious threatening the Paki government about what we’d do to them if the oxymoronic competent Paki ever got a bomb to not fizzle on American soil.  What she and her master in the White House got wrong is that we should be delivering on that threat now.  We should go into Wazzooristan and firebomb every single village. This notion that we don’t know where Osama is or where the terrorists are is crap. Google maps has a picture of my back yard. We know exactly what we need to destroy to take them out. We should drop fliers giving them 72 hours to cough up UBL, and promising to drone-kill anyone fleeing, and then prove once again that napalm does stick to little kids. Otherwise we’re going to have to kill a lot more little Muslim kids eventually.

Roman Polanski

May 8, 2010

He gave a 13 year old girl Qaaludes and then fucked her in the ass.

Harrison Ford, I invite you to come over to my house next time you defend Polanski. You bring the lube, I’ll bring the Qaaludes and the chainsaw.

Dick Durbin Can Suck My Turban

April 15, 2010

Durbin is in high dowager dudgeon over people who want to know which of the lawyers in Holder’s Justice Department were going “ooh ooh pick me!” when it came to defending terrorists in American courts.

Durbin and Holder are pounding on the table loudly, whining in booming politician voices about a new McCarthyism, and how they’re brave and speaking truth to power and refusing to name names.

(If the mainstream news media weren’t such a bunch of worthless hack press-release re-gurgitators, we’d already know these names, wouldn’t we?)

According to Durbin and Holder, each of these lawyers defended terrorists because of their deep concern for the integrity of the system. They’re, as Holder says, “patriots.” Then why not have them stand up and take a bow? Why put them in witless protection?

Because everyone knows damn well that if we trot these weasels out in public, their record will be full of far-left-looniness, and DISrespect for the American system and the rule of law.

They’ll turn out to be disreputable shysters with terrorist-sympathizing and anti-American skidmarks. They won’t be able to stand the light of day, even in ObamAmerica 2010.

I could be wrong. If we find out who they are, and I’m wrong, I’ll trumpet that loudly and stop referring to Eric Holder as Eric “Dick” Holder. If Holder hired principled defenders of the rule of law, not lefty over-privileged quislings who jumped for joy at the chance to terrorist-sympathize and cock-block justice for anyone who hates America, then I’m a Holder fan. But, come on, we know how this story ends.

Till further news, kudos to Ms Cheney for scattering the cockroaches.


My stepson sent me a T-shirt that has a satire on the MLB logo and the caption “Major League Infidel.” Instead of a swinging bat, the silhouette is pointing a gun at some Arabic text (I should look up what that text means). I was about to wear this shirt to work, and then my most rabid right-wing friends dissuaded me from this recklessness.

Today, I passed (old) stickers at work pasted on the walls about how we must create a Democrat supermajority (that worked out great, didn’t it?), slams on Bush (get over it), gay flags, UN flags, moronic posters from tolerated, adulated stars claiming to be victims of intolerance… That’s all.  No Sarah Palin signs. No Ludwig von Mises posters (I might just bring one in, uncaptioned, and tell everybody it’s Karl Marx.). Nothing right of center dares speak its name.

There’s a policy at my workplace about not bringing politics to work. I could be a little bitch and report everyone who is in violation. But I won’t. Neither does anyone else on the right because it feels so smarmy. The absence of commentary on the Right, in the ubiquitous presence of egregious Leftist nonsense, tells you who the little tattling smarmalading rats really are.

Make no mistake, the Left is totalitarian in a way that the Right has never contemplated. I do know of friends at work who’ve been told to take down American flags–no snarkiness, no commentary, they were just displaying the American flag.

I guess I won’t wear my infidel shirt to work because if I did, there would be real, serious consequences to my livelihood. Is that gutless of me? No, it’s gutless of you for making me stand alone. Like most people who secretly agree with me would stand up and risk their high-five/low-six careers. Sure, if we all stood together, we could make a difference, but we’re all too busy and too diverse to ever glob together united in adolescent resentment and greed like the Left. Until it reaches a point and we go Ceausescu on you.

I was going to get a bumper sticker made that said “Mushrik in the dar al harb…and loving it.”  A mushrik is, in Islam, a polytheist, or more connotatively, the worst kind of unforgivable infidel. The dar al harb is “the house of war.”  In Islam, the dar al harb is every country that isn’t completely subjugated to Islam.  I was warned off it, especially since we’ve seen ridiculous Muslim violence here in my home town of Seattle. My wife could drive my car, or it could be seen in my driveway by some Jihadi dick-shaving Mecca-bowing Little Bitch of Allah. I write this stuff here, counting on google shielding me and the fact that most Muslims read nothing more than the Koran and bumperstickers.

I’m done with bumperstickers. You never know what kind of violent nutjob will see them these days. The last one I had was “John Kerry for President. Vote Dhimmicrat!” I figured that was subtle enough that I could get away with it. And I almost did. These two hot girls banged on my window at a stoplight wanting to know what a Dhimmicrat was., I said, google it. My wife was with me. That probably saved me from trying something really sexually humiliating and if improbably successful, illegal.

anyhoo… Die with a stick up your butts, Dicks Durbin and Holder. You blustering lying totalitarians. Your peeps engage in McCarthyism and more–you’re the new KKK, not just the new McCarthy. You make blacklists that destroy careers and your clients do real violence.

UPDATE: I wore my Major League Infidel shirt to the airport and all day in Chicago, and nobody said anything. I got lots of looks, but not a single thumbs up or thumbs down comment or gesture. I didn’t even get special attention from TSA. This discouraged and annoyed me. In today’s America, most people probably don’t get the shirt, probably are made uneasy by the gun outline and don’t have any piss & vinegar in them about the war between Islam and the West. Da Bears. Da Bulls. Da Pussies.

UPDATE MARCH 2019: As the years went on, I did get more politically vocal at work. Did it do any good? It got me fired. I refused to go, a legal battle ensued for 18 months (pretty uncomfortable 18 months at work), and I left financially happy but under a gag order. So you won’t see the details here, except perhaps after a cooling off period and as the story of a friend of a friend.

In the gratifying column, a LOT of my colleagues started coming out of the closet themselves. In a larger team of about 100 people, a dozen or more identified themselves to me as conservatives, libertarians or Trump supporters. That may not seem like a lot, but I’ll bet there were several more who just were not about to break their no-politics-at-work rule. The place I worked wasn’t Google, but it was literally next door to it.

In the not-so-gratifying column, I was indeed forced out, and everybody got to watch that happen. Under legal advice, I didn’t confirm with anyone I worked with what had happened. Had I confided in more people, the rumor mill certainly would have spun at light-speed, and queered my money settlement. As far as my colleagues were concerned, I was just laid off, perhaps for reasons of my politically incorrect attitude, but I neither confirmed nor denied.

Should I have said, screw the money, I’m going down in flames? When you have the guts to do as much as I did, get back to me and argue with me about it.

This all started two months after Trump announced he was running for President. In happy serendipities, my termination date was the day of Donald Trump’s first inauguration. I almost didn’t notice I got fired.

UPDATE: April 2019

I’ve been warned twice on Quora for saying not-nice things. They weren’t personal attacks on other users. Ok, the second actually was. But in the first I just pointed out the fact that for every 100 men with IQs over 150, there are only a couple of women, and that’s the real glass ceiling.

Democrats report everyone who says something conservative, en masse, on social media. I know it’s hard for us to do it, but we must start reporting the hell out of them.

G.I. Jihadi

November 7, 2009

Nidal Malik Hasan killed a dozen solders (I won’t say fellow solders) at Ft. Hood this week, and he wounded several dozen more. The US government and the legacy media are focusing on this as an act of random mental instability.  Move along, everyone, no terrorism to see here….

NPR (NPR!) has reported that Hasan, a psychiatrist, once incongruously and unexpectedly pounced and delivered a Grand Rounds lecture on Islam in which he talked about the bloody ends to which infidels should rightfully come. He did not–ahem–unambiguously distance himself from supporting beheadings and pouring burning oil down infidel throats. Evidently, people in the audience were–ahem–wondering whether they should say something.

Yesterday, at work, coincidentally, I talked to a guy who got called to stand and deliver in front of HR for saying, “Ok, guys, let’s get going.” Some crazy bitch objected to being lumped in with the guys. That’s Nancy Pelosi’s and Barbara Boxer’s America. One in which offense is taken where obviously none is intended and intelligent adults (medical professionals) sit meekly while a Muslim terrorist rants about his religious lust to kill them.

UPDATE MARCH 2019: Since then, I was fired in January 2017 from that same corporation for much more egregious offenses that nonetheless still shouldn’t be considered offenses.  Ironically and awesomely, my last day was Donald Trump’s first day in office.

Most of the media have displayed this same attitude. And why shouldn’t they? They’ve also been conditioned and cowed in diversity and sensitivity trainings required of all Americans who want to work for any large corporation or organization.

The focus has been put on Hasan’s mental instability, with the “narrative” (Jesus, I hate the way that term is used–we’ve all been polluted by post-modernism) being that Hasan is a nut and he just happened to spin the How Would You Like to Express Your Nuttiness? Wheel, and it landed on Islam. Hell, he could have been a Scientologist or Truther or a Bircher or, most likely, a right-wing Christian. (Most people in the legacy media believe that Christians have multiple listings on the Nuttiness Wheel, while Islam’s pie slice is narrower than most.)

So, your typical suicide bomber isn’t mentally twisted, but is the very model of a modern Major-General? I guess so, after yesterday.

Leave it to me to take a twisted lesson from the massacre, but the lesson I’m taking is that we’ve been way too lenient with these politically correct diversity crap-mongers. They’ve  infected us with a sickening moral meekness that excuses any atrocity committed in the name of a protected characteristic. Every sensitivity/diversity training session is nothing more and nothing less than demanding that you make no judgments beyond “How cute and National Geographic!” about protected characteristics.

Perhaps this was not all that pernicious when it applied only to biological characteristics like race and gender and age. (I say not all that pernicious, because I don’t think it’s entirely innocent. Interfering with the moral decisions of stupid people is wrong. You should be able to live in society “at will” with other people–rejecting them, refusing to do business with them, even insulting them, for no damn good reason, without serious external consequences for such behavior. I support diversity so much that I’m fine with tolerating racists, sexists and hot 19 year old age-ist girls who don’t want to date 50 year old me).

What happened, slippery slope snickety quick, is that the Sensitivistas* hopped from biology to ideology, demanding that nobody think critically about religion or ethnicity (really, ethnicity means culture). They demand that we not examine ideas if people classify those ideas as off limits because they are religious or cultural. At the end of a stultifying day in a diversity/sensitivity class, there’s no moral distinction between discriminating against someone because she has a clitoris and judging people who want to cut it off.

Or discriminating against a deranged Muslim who doesn’t much like infidels bossing him around. I’ll make it clear: had the military cashiered him, he still would have done something like this. Maybe he would have done it in a concealed carry state and the body count would have been lower. Or he’d have done it on Saturday in a New York mall and the body count would have been huge. There are no good choices when dealing with someone like this.

I’ll close with this, and defend it later:

Islam is the Old Yeller of religions.

* Living in the Great Northwest, I usually call them “Sasquatch Lesbians.” I’ve never been to one of those enervating diversity/sensitivity classes that wasn’t being run by a Sasquatch Lesbian. What’s wrong with us that we let them become the Alpha Males?