April 30, 2010

Yesterday, I lambasted the state of Arizona, along with all the useful conservative idiots who support the new Arizona immigration law, for moving us a step closer to a national ID card. 

The Democrats have suddenly decided to change their stance on amnesty, supporting closing the borders first instead. Senators Reid and Menendez are circulating this proposal (emphasis added below in case you want to skim):

In order to prevent future waves of illegal immigration, this proposal recognizes that no matter what we do on the border, our ports of entry, and in the interior, we will not be completely effective unless we can prevent the hiring, recruitment, or referral of unauthorized aliens in America’s workplaces. Jobs are what draw illegal immigrants to the United States.
Not later than 18 months after the date of enactment of this proposal, the Social Security Administration will begin issuing biometric social security cards. These cards will be fraud-resistant, tamper-resistant, wear resistant, and machine-readable social security cards containing a photograph and an electronically coded micro-processing chip which possesses a unique biometric identifier for the authorized card-bearer.
Possession of a fraud-proof social security card will only serve as evidence of lawful work-authorization but will in no way be permitted to serve—or shall be required to be shown—as proof of citizenship or lawful immigration status. It will be unlawful for any person, corporation; organization local, state, or federal law enforcement officer; local or state government; or any other entity to require or even ask an individual cardholder to produce their social security card for any purpose other than electronic verification of employment eligibility and verification of identity for Social Security Administration purposes. No personal information will be stored on the electronic chip contained within the social security card other than the individual’s name, date of birth, social security number, and unique biometric identifier.
The Secretary of Homeland Security shall work with other agencies to secure enrollment locations at sites operated by the federal government. Prior to issuing an individual a new fraud-proof social security card, the Social Security Administration will be required to verify the individual’s identity and employment eligibility by asking for production of acceptable documents to be provided by the individual as proof of identity and employment eligibility….

Employers hiring workers in the future will be required to use the newly created Biometric Enrollment, Locally-stored Information, and Electronic Verification of Employment (BELIEVE) System as a means of verification. There will be strict employer penalties for failure to participate in the BELIEVE system after being notified of a requirement to do so by the Secretary of Homeland Security or after the BELIEVE system has been fully implemented nationwide such that it is required to be used by all employers. Prospective employees will present a machine-readable, fraud proof, biometric Social Security card to their employers, who will swipe the cards through a card-reader to confirm the cardholder’s identity and work authorization….

How do you think Republicans and conservatives will mostly react? I’m going with, “Well, nobody wants this, but…”

You have to be an idiot to think that there won’t be mission creep in use of these cards, same as there was with the Social Security number. It will start when you eagerly volunteer to show your card to the cops if you’re rousted for being brown. If there weren’t huge temptation to use these cards for everything, they wouldn’t have to promise so hard not to. When has the government ever resisted temptation?

Remember when the government had the big push a decade or two ago to make everyone wear seat belts? Proponents of those laws promised that it would never be a primary offense to not be wearing a seat belt (meaning, that a cop couldn’t pull you over just for not wearing a seat belt–you had to have done something else, then they could pile on the seat belt infraction).

In how many states has it already become a primary offense to not wear a seat belt? Where I live, the radio is full of announcements about stepped up night time enforcement of seat belt laws. (Think about that: do you expect cops to be shining lights into your car at night or are they hiding in the weeds with night vision goggles? How do you like the idea of cops with binoculars checking you out in the dark?)

You hear the same primary offense protestations now in Arizona (the “lawful contact” provision). Oh, no, police will never just stop you on the street or pull you over just for DWB (which now means Driving While Brown, since Brown is the new Black). 

There are real slippery slopes out there, and we’re about to get put on one of them.


Arizona: One Hell of a State

April 29, 2010

I lived in Phoenix for 5 years. Five dreary, hot, miserable, boring years in a dry sea of dust storms, sun tea, stupidity and snowbirds. Not to mention John McCain, killer of many planes, Jeanette Napolitano, Arizona’s answer to Shrek, and the Keating 5. As a cultural Mecca, Arizona is what the actual Mecca is to culture.

Oh, let’s not forget about Evan Mecham, the racist Mormon governor who led Arizona in rescinding Martin Luther King Day in the mid-80’s.

Racism in Arizona, especially against brown people, is endemic. A lot of this is because a lot of Arizono’s are Mormons and all believing Mormons are ideological racists, and most of them are traditional cradle-indoctrinated racists.

So good luck to everyone stuck to Arizona convincing everyone else that there won’t be any racial profiling enforcing this new law.

Conservatives, almost universally, have come out in favor of this law. A few (Florida’s Rubio, for example) have expressed reservations while cheering the law as a goad to Obama’s feckless administration. Sorry, I can’t go even that far.

This law sucks and every conservative applauding it, even those doing it with faint damning, should be ashamed. Why?

  • It’s a big step toward a national ID card. I know the law says nothing in it should be construed in an RFID’y way. I’ve read the stupid law, unlike most. Methinks it doth protest too much. Without a strong ID card, how are you going to avoid racial profiling if the law is to mean anything at all? With the heat-addled dumbasses in Arizona leading the way and conservatives cheering them on, who’s left to say that a high-tech national ID card is a BAD IDEA? Nice job, conservatives, signing on to The Number of the Beast because you don’t like spics. This will eventually go federal.
  • Conservatives point out that it’s always a lie when Obama pooh poohs critics of his asinine laws by pointing to how his laws specifically say that won’t happen. Look what this law says won’t happen. Look to what criticism they tried to preempt because it’s so obvious that’s going to happen. I may not much like Sarah Palin, but she was spot on with that “death panel” thing. Now, on this bill, conservatives show the same wide-eyed disingenuousness that liberals showed about nationalizing health care. No, cops won’t profile. No, cops won’t make pretext traffic stops. No, reasonable suspicion, an unfalsifiable  standard that the supreme court has defined as needing to be only above an “inarticulable hunch,” won’t be used ex post facto. Hell, no, none of that will happen.
  • Don’t tell me about how being Hispanic isn’t a primary offense. Yet. How the cops have to bust you for something else. As mentioned in the previous point, cops will bust you for anything when they want to bust you for something.  Don’t tell me how Arizona has a kidnap rate like that of 3rd world countries (nearly all the nappers and nappees are people that will get deported under this law–it’s not near as lawless in Arizona these days as people are saying). Don’t whine about the drug cartels leaving their footprints all over Nogales and Tucson and Phoenix on their way to Salt Lake City. That’s been going on for decades, and cheap weed was about the only good thing I remember about Arizona. Anyhow, it ain’t that bad in Arizona. Detroit, LA, Chicago have been dealing with this kind of crime rate for decades. This is Arizona the attention-whore and drama queen, as I remember her in all her dusty, mascara-streaked glory. Arizona doesn’t mind being used, as long as she’s told she’s pretty.

If you’re on the side of Arizona, you’re on the side of government getting more power to screw with more people. If you were against Obamacare because it intruded on personal freedom and you’re in favor of Arizona’s new “Show me your papers!” law, then to everyone to the left of you,  you sound like a racist who hates people with cancer. And I’m not sure they’re not right.

We need to reduce government power to intrude in our lives and screw with us. Got it?  Across the board, left or right,  or we will all drown together, claws digging into each others’ necks. We have to make all these government brute squads step back off of us, not beg them to screw with everyone else who annoys us.

Either you believe that most problems we have with each other can be solved without government getting into it or you believe that most problems can’t be solved unless government uses its mommy voice.

Pick. It doesn’t matter whether you’re conservative or liberal, whether you think porn should be illegal or excess profits should be taxed, or illegals should be afraid to go out on the street, at the end of the day either you think that government should have a sharply limited role in how people choose to  play with each other or you think that government should make everyone play nice and give everyone a cookie or a time out.

(I know that the only reason Democrats are on the other side of this issue is that Latino is the new Negro. Democrats are slavering to own another identity politics group. Democrats believe that all non-white people are their cattle once you brand them so it doesn’t matter how you treat them. Like how Republicans herd pro-lifers. That’s not today’s subject.)

I guess Florida is still the most vile state in the Union, but good for you Arizona for trying harder.

I’ll finish up quoting from the actual law:


I could walk around Arizona for years under this law and never be stopped. On an everyday level, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I look like I snuck in from Scandinavia.  But what they’re doing in AZ is likely now to become federal because dumbass conservatives are in favor now of national IDs.

If this insanity becomes federal law, then what else do you think they’ll use those ID cards for? Refer back to social security number creep.

UPDATE: they’re trying to ban toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals in California. So kids won’t want the happy meal so much. If this news didn’t immediately make you recoil in horror, you’re part of the problem I’m talking about here.

1300 reasons to vote against the financial regulation bill

April 28, 2010

Nothing good can come from a 1300+ page law.

There’s no other argument for or against it that needs to be said. Don’t get distracted–refuse to discuss anything except this with any idiot in favor of it.

Never ever ever ever ever buy another GM car

April 27, 2010

They’re lying in this most recent ad campaign, strongly implying they have paid back taxpayers for all the money they got from the Federal government. And it’s their venal, lying CEO saying it too. No blaming an ad company or campaign gone wrong.

They’ve gotten $50+ billion of our money from the feds lately. The payback amount they are touting is about 15% of that. Several congress-critters are even claiming that they payback of this loan was done with other Federal funds.

This is how stupid they think we are.

UPDATE: Here’s a pretty good breakdown of their shell game:

Basically, GM will be using a portion of the $50 billion in TARP bailout money [3] it received to in turn repay another portion of the TARP loans.

The reason GM can do this is because when it emerged from bankruptcy, it struck a deal with the Treasury Department to carve up its obligation to the government in four different ways.

They are, briefly: 1) $986 million remained an obligation of the old GM, the husk of the company left behind through its bankruptcy restructuring, and will never be seen again, 2) $6.71 billion remained as an interest-bearing loan, 3) $2.1 billion of the obligation was converted to preferred stock, which is a form of equity ownership that pays a fixed dividend, and 4) the rest was converted to a 60.8 percent equity stake in GM.

So, for GM to completely pay back the government, GM would have to completely repay the $6.71 billion loan with interest and purchase the government’s preferred shares (as well as keeping up dividend payments), and Treasury would have to make a pretty penny, in the range of $40 billion, selling its common shares after GM goes public again.

Let’s break it down even more:

GM is no longer a publicly traded company. It had about 600 million shares of stock outstanding at the time the government “bought” them. I’m going to be very generous and value that stock at its 52 week high of about $25 before its low of about one penny the day before the government took over. That’s $15 billion in outstanding stock.  Most people put GM’s market value at about $10 billion the last few years. But let’s say GM is really worth $15 billion as a business. There are now 60 BILLION shares of GM, the majority held by the US federal government. So let’s say a GM share is now worth 25 cents  ($15 billion/60 BILLION). I’m wildly overestimating there: would you buy 4000 shares of GM right now if you could for $1000? Remember that only a short time ago, previous GM common shareholders were raped in a 100-1 reverse split. All those previous shareholders now own about 6 billion of the 60 BILLION shares, with the rest held by the feds (60%), unions and other ne’er-do-wells.

Evidently GM is going to try an IPO this year. How do you think that’s going to go? A share of GM now is the equivalent of 100 shares from before, in terms of total shares outstanding. So estimating 25 cents a share is like $25 a share back when they didn’t have a BAZILLION shares outstanding. And the feds only have about 35 billion shares. so, lessee….GM still owes the gubmint about $50 billion, after this supposed repayment, so if the gubmint is going to get their money back in GM stock then each GM share needs to be a lot closer to $1.50 than to 25 cents. When was the last time GM stock sold for $150 a share? Uh..NEVER. It’s high in 2000 was about $90.

A lot of outside people are estimating that taxpayers will be soaked for about $30 billion by GM and the Obamanistas before this is over. I think they’re optimistic. Every one at GM and in the gubmint and in the unions is prognosticating that GM is going to kick ass on all the competition. Really? Why? They’re not quite as screwed as they were before but they’re still saddled with unions and pensions and the sense that the government really can’t afford to walk away from the table now. They’re being run by a liar–he probably lies to himself more about the future than he does to us about paying back money.

I see no reason to believe that GM will not eventually fold completely after further infusions of cash that will rival the amount spent on the Iraq war.

May 19th is “Screw James Taranto Day”

April 27, 2010

On May 20th, there will be a “Draw a picture of Mohammed” Day to push back against Islam. Not against Islamist extremists, but against Islam. Because it’s mainstream Islam, not just the “extremists,” that has a hissy fit and supports violence against any visual depiction of their pedophile prophet.  It’s also “mainstream” Muslims in America who go to mosque every week and contribute to Hamas  and Hezbollah and otherwise financially support terror.

James Taranto,  in the Wall Street Journal, recoils in … not horror, but in dhimmitude:

Why is “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” different? Because the taboo against depictions of Muhammad is not a part of America’s common culture. The taboos against flag burning, racial slurs and Holocaust denial are. The problem with the “in-your-face message” of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” is not just that it is inconsiderate of the sensibilities of others, but that it defines those others–Muslims–as being outside of our culture, unworthy of the courtesy we readily accord to insiders. It is an unwise message to send, assuming that one does not wish to make an enemy of the entire Muslim world.

Muslims are outside our culture. Typical Muslims are more racist, sexist and homophobic than David Duke and those white supremacists up in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. If any lily white Protestant person said the things at work that Muslims profess every Friday, they’d get fired. Any Muslims this doesn’t apply to, don’t apply it to you. And stand up next Friday in church and tell everyone that you support Matt and Trey the South Park guys, and that anybody who enforces burkha or mistreating apostates or doesn’t defend Salman Rushdie’s right to speak should be ejected from Islam. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I feel bad for good people who are Muslims. They’re trapped in a vile, violent culture that hides behind  American respect for barbaric beliefs that wear the fig leaf of religion.  Muslims belong to a religion that really will hurt them if they leave. In America, for every other religion than Islam, if you defect from your religion, you’ll be just fine–nobody is going to try to kill you for apostasy, although your former co-religionists may give you the cold shoulder. Move to a different city then. But if you’re Muslim, especially Muslim and female . . . Boy, I could make a good living taking out life insurance policies on girls who defect from Islam.

Hey, typical Muslims–let people who leave your nasty divine crime family live openly as ex-Muslim and criticize Islam without threat of violence–no, you must do more–you must speak up on Fridays and defend the right of people to leave Islam. You must not tolerate anyone in your mosques who is not tolerant of apostasy. Till you do that, well, silence is assent.

Now, believe it or not, I’m not at war against the entire Muslim world. I’m at war against the evil monsters who infest Islam who enforce Muslim orthodoxy with violence. Or by tacit for financial support for violence. I’m against the barbarism and nihilism and racism that is mainstream Islamic doctrine. Ok, I guess I am at war with pretty much the entire Muslim world then. Except for those who no longer want to be Muslim. I bet there’s a hell of a lot of them. But even in America, they won’t speak up.

There will almost certainly be no detente between Islam and the West–it’s a fantasy that the Muslim mainstream will ever support religious freedom, much less stop hating Jews and abusing women. But we can rescue millions who want to be airlifted out of the suffocating barbaric hell hole that is mainstream Islam if we stop sugar-coating it and start calling it out.

Why am I so much on Taranto’s ass about this one misstep when he’s right 98% of the time?  Because this really matters. Islam is today’s Nazism. Muslims aren’t holocaust deniers, they’re holocaust re-triers. Muslim countries are expansionist, vicious and have fantasies of taking over the world. The only thing they understand is being beaten by a “strong horse.”

When a liberal wuss advocates knuckling under to an enemy, it’s business as usual. But James, you’re not liberal wuss! Shame on you!

We have found another witch. May we burn her too?

April 25, 2010

Goldman Sachs is getting pilloried for hedging their bets, and may be charged with fraud by the kangaroos and Inquisitors who run the SEC. The first sensible thing I’ve heard GS do in years, and this is the one that may get them in real trouble with the mob.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I no more want to defend GS than I do the makers of Velveeta. But this wasn’t fraud. This is government grandstanding. It’s timed to help Obama ram through his half-assed package of “financial reforms” that the canny technologists at places like GS will figure out how to avoid in 5 minutes.

The timing proves the SEC is a pathetic political animal and that government regulation is an oxymoron. The SEC didn’t do anything to prevent the recent unpleasantness. The government didn’t do anything to reign in Fannie and Freddie, the financial Krueger family. But we’re supposed to fall asleep again and trust them to protect our dreams.

We are expected, by these rapists and financial molesters, to place our faith in their government getting it right this time, not looking the other way, not being bought by the usual people they pretend to usually regulate.

They’re, as usual, solving last year’s problems, plugging dyke-holes in places already under water.

The only solution to this is to shrink government to where they can’t protect their friends who are “too big to fail.”  We can never fall asleep and trust them again.

It’s not about restoring faith in the financial system but about hurting ordinary people enough that they become permanent financial infidels and skeptics. We need to lose faith. That’s real power to the people. That’s real regulation. When ordinary people no longer accept promises of financial safety at face value, when FDIC insured isn’t taken as a guarantee of anything–then you’ve got real reform. We, not government agencies, are the only good regulators of the financial system. It’s up to us to become economically literate. It’s our fault for delegating our fiscal lives to horrible people in government and on Wall Street.

Never again.

Idol Gives Crap

April 25, 2010

Michelle and Barack appeared in designer clothes, no Walmarting there, to praise “Idol Gives Back.” This is the most self-congratulatory annual orgy of orgiastic Hollywood self-congratulation on TV.

First, they went to the fat American trailer-trash mom who either was too lazy to clean up the crap in front of her trailer or was told by the producers not to. Anyhow, nobody in her house is starvin’ Marvin. The mom was fat as hell, her kids overfed too. Did I miss the dad? Did I miss what mom does for a living? They whined on about having to heat their house with kerosene and when they ran out, they’d just turn on the electric stove. No word on what they did when they refused to pay the electric bill. I’d donate to “Idol gives IUDs.”

Then they had that UN secretary general Somethingorother (for the last 30 years, does anybody know which 3rd world yahoo is currently UN secretary? The last one I remember was Buttrash Buttrash Golly!) say something like “Help children. Climate change. We like eat dogs get over it. UN rocks.”

Randy Jackson and Morgan Freeman also encouraged us to give money to poor fat illiterate people. That part actually seemed to deal with people with real problems, though it implied but didn’t state, that their problems were because of white people. The black people had to move from Arkansas to Mississipi to be safe. As everyone knows, accidents involving black teenagers who get randomly burned are out of control in Arkansas, but Mississippi has learned its lesson about burning black kids. Then they ended up with a pitch for black kids shouldn’t be so damn fat. Should have ended up with black adults shouldn’t be so damn fat, Randy Jackson.

The Black Eyed Peas screamed and stomped and sweated through a quarter million in ugly Barbarella designer clothes that could have gone to helping black children in Africa. Then a woman died in Africa from “too late.” I think one of her kids had AIDS too.  Wonder where he got it. She could probably have been saved if that fat kerosene bitch in West Virginia had donated half her gorditas from Taco Bell. Or if American drug companies didn’t make such obscene profits making AIDS drugs that allowed African men with AIDS to live long enough to infect lots more African women.

Sully was coopted for a good cause. He knows how to fly a plane into a river better than most, but he doesn’t know a lot about economics.

Alicia Keys played a piano nearly large enough to use as a coffin for the fat West Virginia mom. She also spent more on clothes and hair than one of the poor people she purports to be helping makes in a year.

They didn’t have a lot to say about defending poor people against genocide and jihad and seasonal marauding armies. Or about the importance of the rule of law. Or DDT, but they did whine momentarily about malaria. Let them eat mosquito nets, said our Hollywood-fed Idols. A million little kids a year die shitting out a yellow river of the food aid that nice American liberals send, but let’s not think about that because I have an autographed copy of of Rachel Carson’s book. Every decade, Rachel Carson and her liberal fans kill more black children than Hitler killed Jews.

Oh, and they had the Octo-Mom on. And Jim Carrey, but thankfully not that crazy bitch he’s married to who’s trying to make people not get vaccinated. I doubt Jenny McCarthy will ever match Rachel Carson numbers for dead kids, but at least she’s trying.

Not one person on that show has a clue about how to solve any of these problems. They’re all so sure though, through barely restrained tears of maudlin emotionality, that what they’re doing is IMPORTANT. (Their ALL CAPS, not mine.)

I’m not going to say that they’re evil or even venal. They’re English major mentalities when what we need is engineers. They’re people excited about building bridges but without any clue or, more importantly, any interest, in how you make bridges that don’t collapse and kill people.  I’m including the president, since he included himself in this gaggle of gasbags.  He and they think that meaning well trumps knowing nothing.

Ellen said that on any given day one in six Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. I’m willing to admit that on any given day Ellen just reads what she’s told to. And that 5 in 6 Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from because they haven’t decided where they want to eat lunch yet. That includes the homeless in any big American city, who typically also have several free lunch choices.

(The other day, I was ranting at the TV, annoying my perennially resigned wife, although what’s she got to complain about? I do pause the TV when I go off on it…anyhow, there was a stupid ad about there being 12 million starving children in America. Really? there are 300 million Americans. I’m going back of the envelope here, but let’s say generously 100 million of them are under 20 and count as children. 1 in 10 children then is starving. When’s the last time one of them died from starvation who wasn’t deliberately starved to death by abusive parents? I mean, hell, you’d expect at least a few thousand to die in each state every year. You’d think you could find some Sally Struthers kids somewhere in America. Maybe their parents put them all in the recycle bin and we don’t notice them when they are made into new water bottles. All the living starving kids seem fatter than me with worse clogged arteries at age 7 than I’ll ever have. That reminds me…I want a chili dog. With lots of cheese. And jalapenos to make it healthy.)

Because Comcast sucks, the last half hour of the show got cut off and so I’ll have to stop here.

UPDATE: Here’s a dead child in America from starvation:

What I said about IUDs? Uh huh.