Oops, I missed it again . . .

April 19, 2017

In my post about North Korea, I missed one obvious scenario:

Kim Fat Fuk launches but it fizzles.

Which is what actually happened.

The fact that it fizzled doesn’t matter. With all that American power in his front yard, that crazy little Fat Fuk felt froggy anyway.

Had the launch succeeded, Americans would have had to at least try to shoot it down.

Perhaps KFF (Kim Fat Fuk) sabotaged his own missile to avoid a confrontation. I highly doubt the USA had anything to do with the failure.

But let’s say this was a real failure. He tried, knowing that we were likely to shoot his missile down.

Think about this.

I’d be shocked right now if he didn’t have one of his mini-nukes sitting in a storage unit in one or more American cities. The idea that the Iranians or NORKs have to develop an ICBM to touch us is stupid. They may have to do it to touch Israel, but we are a much softer target.

I’m very worried that several small nukes might go off this year within minutes of each other in several American cities. Thank God for Trump. I’m pretty sure Pyongyang and Tehran will cease to exist an hour later.  But the feckless Bushes and Clintons and Obamas let this get way out of hand.

It’s probably a good thing I’m not in charge, because I’d level Pyongyang and Tehran tomorrow. I don’t care how many millions of innocent people get killed. They’re not Americans and their society and government shouldn’t have threatened us. We didn’t care about killing innocent Germans when they were Heiling Hitler. Including ones who weren’t Heiling but hadn’t emigrated in time.

I have ZFG about how many South Koreans in Seoul get killed when we get serious about dealing with the NORKs. They’ve made themselves voluntary hostages to North Korea, depending on the American umbrella, regardless of how we’ve told them we can’t protect them when they’re that close, and they’re mostly assholes anyway, bitching about American “imperialism.” Play stupid games, South Koreans, win stupid prizes. What the hell is wrong with you burgeoning your biggest city right next to your biggest enemy?

The only reason North Korea continues to exist is that nobody wants to have the South Korean casualties in the millions. Except me. I don’t want them, but I don’t care. We’d have dealt with the NORKs long ago had you South Korean assholes not decided to build your whole infrastructure within artillery range.

And all your blue roofs look stupid, you SORK Stockholm Syndrome DORKs.



April 18, 2017

The Antifa got its first taste this weekend of what happens when you think you have a monopoly on street violence.

They got wedgies. They got their belts removed and got hogtied with their belts. They got humiliated.

Of course, the Democrat news media didn’t cover this story, opting instead for violence broke out blah blah blah in general no details.

But what happened was a warning shot that shouldn’t be ignored. The Trump people, armed with bicycle helmets and probably other stuff, especially tactical expertise, formed themselves into an effective force and kicked the living shit out of the black bloc antifas, without killing any of them or even significantly bloodying them up.

Had the Trump forces thought to bring toilets, the Antifa would have been swirlied.

I think this is a really good sign.  I’d much rather ridicule the Antifa than kill them.



Cultural Marxism

April 18, 2017

What is cultural Marxism? There are lots more sophisticated definitions and exegeses on the web than what I’m about to say here, but none are more fundamental and correct. I’m at peace with calling what the Left/Democrats are doing Cultural Marxism. And my definition has already won, but I’m trying to say it even more clearly.

Cultural Marxism, like actual Marxism, hates what is because it is. It’s teenage brattiness with a PhD. Read Jerome Bixby’s “It’s a Good Life” to understand why Marxism killed so many hundreds of millions in the last century.

Cultural Marxism is against “whatever is” because “whatever is” must be dialectically defeated to bring about Utopia or the Workers’ Paradise or jobs that pay well that aren’t really jobs. It’s important to understand that postmodernism or cultural Marxism or identity politics is always a cheap rationalization for “I’m lazy as hell, pretty smart, and the thought of getting a real job after college makes me throw up in my mouth. Oh, and I hate myself.”

According to cultural Marxists, ordinary people are, at best, unenlightened brutes whose values and “consciousness” are false. All of the things that ordinary people stake their lives on are bullshit. Family and consistent hard work at real things that make a real difference are chimerical as a basis for real life.

Cultural Marxists are every one formally educated elites, who out themselves as unfit to exercise the discipline required to sustain real family and real work. They interpret this failing as a badge of superiority, transcending the mundane, and think they have a mandate to remake society into a place where people like them are rewarded for being smarter than thou instead of doing real work and keeping real families together. Cultural Marxists write essays and screenplays that nobody cares about but them, depend on government sinecures and organize the disgruntled for a living. Like Obama. And his big ol’ wife, Sweetyface.

That’s cultural Marxism in a nutshell.

We conservatives put up too much with cultural Marxism in movies and entertainment. We suspend disbelief about the cultural Marxist frame as long as a skillful story is told. Westworld is a perfect example. Skillful as hell, wrong on every level about how real people are and how the real world works.

I’m not going to do any spoilers. Everything I’m about to say is obvious from the first episode.

Westworld assumes that the ordinary person is depraved and would love to kill and rape if a vacation package offered it and they could get away with it. Really? I can’t imagine being able to afford Westworld. Oh, sure, I might go if I believed the travel brochures about it being a wholesome family vacation, but the show makes it clear that 99% of their customers are ordinary people who will pay anything to be serial killers for a week with no consequences.

Westworld assumes that evil is vested only in private corporations. And their customers. Who arent’ “woke.” It’s ok to be a customer if you’re “woke.”

I could keep going on, but I want to focus on “assumes.”

The cultural Marxism in Westworld is “assumed.” It’s not the plot, it’s the world in which the plot occurs. Of course, everyone running Westworld is horrible. Of course, everyone vacationing in Westworld is depraved. That’s “assumed.” It never occurs to the cultural Marxists writing Westworld that we’re not who they think we are. Westworld is entirely about the corrupt indulging themselves and trying to corrupt the virtuous.

Westworld would like to believe it’s about exploring a crackpot Julian Jaynes theory about how consciousness emerges, but it’s really about hating people like you and me.

The theme of Westworld is that you, the average person, are at heart, if unleashed, a depraved, violent person who would indulge your worst fantasies if only you could.

This Westworld would make Michael Crichton turn over in his grave. It’s skillful and it’s evil cultural Marxism.

What is, is bad. You are what is. You are therefore bad. Got it? Cultural Marxists hate you because you make life work under the current system, and they refuse to or can’t

I thoroughly enjoyed Westworld.

Yeah, that was funny, funny once . . .

April 18, 2017

“Yeah, that was funny once…” was the way me and my brothers and our compadres told each other to knock it off with repeating a joke that had become tiresome, from repetition. Kids will ride any verbal horse till it dies or their friends shoot it out from under them.

Every week, for how many months now? a lot of months, Saturday Night Live has been opening their show by broadly lampooning the Trump administration.  It’s relentless. Every damn week, same thing. Relentless isn’t funny. It’s starting to remind me of the episode of Game of Thrones where Joffrey got poisoned just after making the dwarves all dress up and lampoon his enemies.

Now that Trump is less and less lampoonable as the issues get more and more serious, they’re after his hapless press secretary Sean Spicer.

Instead of Alec Baldwin thinking that making duck lips and bobbing his head like a chicken pecking grain is a spot-on imitation of Trump, we have Melissa McCarthy thinking that getting a really butch dyed haircut and using an angry mean monotone yell is a good imitation of Sean Spicer.

This week, to express reverence for Easter, McCarthy came out in a bunny suit and took the head off to show everyone her HI-larious Spicer coif. This was because they had a picture of Spicer dressing up as a bunny a decade or so ago at a White House easter egg hunt.  This was not played on SNL as a cute, aww, look at a dad doing something cool for the kids, but to ridicule him.

Here’s the transcript of what I saw of the Melissa McCarthy as Spicer act this morning on CBS News:

“You all got your wish this week didn’t you? Spicey finally made a mistake. As we all know, President Trump recently bombed Syria while eating the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake America has ever laid eyes on. That’s a fact!

“It would be really great if the nitpickers would try to see the big picture and didn’t solely focus on every little lie or slur I say. That would be nice!”

After that clip, Gayle King, faux-acting like laughing at this is a guilty pleasure, said “But it’s so entertaining!”

No it’s not.

What if I dressed up like Pocahontas and pretended to be Elizabeth Warren? It takes 2 minutes for anybody do a similarly “funny” lampooning of Fauxcahontas:

“Now everybody shut up because I’m about to apologize. Yeah, you thought it could never happen to me, Liawatha! You thought I was pure Native American Nobility, which I am, partly.  A bit. Maybe. Fight fiercely, Harvard! As we all know that little Bitch McConnell made me sit down and shut up after I’d violated Senate rules of decorum. Decorum, my Cherokee ass! Who needs stupid shit like decorum? Republican turkey necks who are afraid of strong, nasty, riesty, yeasty beastie women like ME! That’s who needs decorum!

“So, I’m really truly sorry  . . . that you’re a pasty little white bitch, Mitch!  I got your decorum right here mostly festering under my squaw thong!”

I wrote that literally as fast as I typed it, and it’s nothing but a pastiche of right-wing insults and memes and what I’ve been doing nearly unconsciously to insult people since 4th grade.  And, it may be a little more raucous, because I didn’t have to pass it by NBC censors, but it’s pretty much the same damn thing that SNL did.

It’s not that funny, just cheap, fast, easy and ugly, like Elizabeth Warren.

When I was in grade school, we called saying stuff like this “cut fights.” It wasn’t limited to “Your mama so . . .” but it was the white version. Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin would have been worthy opponents in a cut fight. I’m pretty sure I’d have whipped Alec’s ass and Melissa would have whipped mine.

Now, I’m about to go Godwin.

In the mid-late 1930’s in Germany, Hitler brought all art, movies and such under centralized control. The major museums were converted to displaying only Nazi-approved art. There was one museum kept open as a deliberate display of shitty (not-Nazi) art.  So people could go there and then immediately with the rest of their ticket to any of the many Nazi galleries, and ponder how much better Nazism had made art.

Unfortunately, the Nazi museums couldn’t get people using the other half of their tickets,  and the anti-Nazi museum had lines like people were trying to buy Jonas Brothers tickets.

I’m not going to draw the conclusions for you. If I have to, yo mama so stupid she didn’t abort you!

Who cares how many frogs Muslims kill?

April 16, 2017

Until the French return all the fines they’ve levied on Brigitte Bardot for “hate speech” about Muslims, why should anyone care how many French idiots are killed by Muslims?

Fucka Le France!

Clit Cutters

April 15, 2017

There are at least thousands of little Muslim girls in the USA who are suffering FGM (female genital mutilation), as is the Muslim tradition.

(Don’t dare reply to me that this is not a universal tradition in Islam. It’s as widespread in Islam as eating hot dogs at baseball games is in American tradition.)

Now, I may have missed it, but I don’t think any of the ABC/CBS/NBC morning shows covered this story.  The UK tabloid Daily Mail did:

Detroit Muslim doctor performed female genital mutilation on TWO 7-year-old girls who were brought to her by their mothers on a ‘special girls trip’

  • Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, 44, of Northville, Michigan, has been charged with performing female genital mutilation on two young girls from Minnesota
  • The FBI’s investigation of Nagarwala dates back to February and they believe she has performed the illegal practice on other young girls in Michigan
  • This is believed to be the first case brought under 18 U.S.C. 116, which criminalizes the practice 
  • According to the complaint, the young girls were taken to see Nagarwala by their mothers because ‘their tummies hurt’
  • ‘While at the doctor’s office, a procedure ‘to get the germs out,’ was performed on the first girl, according to the criminal complaint
  • She told the FBI that Nagarwala ‘pinched’ her on the ‘place where she goes pee’
  • Nagarwala is reportedly Muslim and speaks Gujarati 
  • Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit have confirmed that she was employed by the hospital but that no such practice ever took place at their facility  

If you have Muslim neighbors who have little girls, you have a moral duty to find out if they’ve done this to their girls. I don’t care if this makes you feel uncomfortable or feel racist. By turning a blind eye to this you are exactly as bad, no worse, than Catholics who turned a blind eye to all the sexual abuse by priests. Catholic priests didn’t cut the clits off little girls. Mutilation is much worse than “normal” sexual abuse.

I hate you if you know a little Muslim girl and you don’t make sure she’s OK.

Nuclear War Starts This Weekend!

April 15, 2017

President Trump has pretty much poked his finger into the gooey chest of that fat little Pillsbury dough boy Shama Lama Ding Dong or whatever his name is who runs North Korea.

This weekend is the annual North Korean celebration of something having to do with The Dear Leader ™  and the NORKs typically celebrate with a show of how mighty they are militarily. To skip it would be like us skipping fireworks on the 4th of July.

Stupid people (all the mainstream media and analysts) are saying that Trump has moved a carrier group near to North Korea to tamp things down. No, the timing and the lead-up (two major US airstrikes in the last week) tell me that Trump is trying to provoke the fat little flatulant. He’s calling the NORKs bluff. Trump is spoiling for a fight.

It’s about time.

Here’s the thing about appeasement. It does not reduce risk, it only postpones risk and the risk increases with compound interest.  At a certain point, either you have to fight back against a bully or accept being the bully’s permanent bitch. A lot of stupid people think, well, let’s just appease the bully for a while, and we’ll fight back later. Doesn’t often work out that way. The right time to fight a bully is almost always early. This is scary because bullies are scary.  And fighting back against a bully is always risky.

Appeasement is risky too. The more you appease, the weaker you become and the stronger the bully becomes. I’m obviously right in this case. Had we struck North Korea 20 years ago, they wouldn’t have nukes now, would they? The risk to South Korea is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago, but now we have to think about NORK nukes too.

If Kim Krazy Hair doesn’t launch or test anything this weekend, Trump made him blink. I think this is the most likely outcome. The loss of face will be huge for the NORKs, and Trump looks like a freaking genius.

If KKH does launch or test something and we shoot it down or blow it up, well all bets are off.  The stupid Chinese should have helped with this situation long ago.  Of course, Trump did just demonstrate that if the NORKs attack the SOUKs, we are perfectly capable of turning Pyongyang into a great construction site for the world’s biggest underground parking lot.

If KKH does something and we try and we fail to stop it. Oh. Shit. I think that means real war.

Regardless, the world has turned a blind eye to the horror movie that is life in North Korea for way too long. It’s a humanitarian disaster far worse than anything going on in the Middle East. And they pose a direct threat. It’s like letting your neighbors keep a zombie rabid pit bull.

North Korea must be ended soon.