And if California falls into the ocean…

February 17, 2017

…like the mystics and statistics say it will….

That’s a Warren Zevon lyric.

WARNING: Swearing ahead.

Democrat assholes in California want to defect from the United States. I say “defect” instead of “secede” because “defect” is the right word.

Of course, they won’t defect. Rich California douchebags have been threatening to leave the US for decades if a Republican wins, and none of them ever do. I don’t know if that’s because they chicken out or because no country they would like to go to wants them. It’s probably chickening out.

So, less-rich but still too-rich Democrats in California are threatening secession. I shouldn’t have said threatening. Promising. Seriously, don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out.

Everyone knows this is posturing by pusillanimous pinhead Progressives who’ve never had a serious political point in their privileged lives.

What I’d like to see is a serious movement to eject California from the USA. That would make them pee their Progressive pants.





When Two Tribes Go to War

February 16, 2017

Trump’s win was much bigger than the percentages say.

In 22 states, Trump won by more than 10 points. Often, by a lot more, like 2 to 1.

The “swing states” are swing states. Trump pretty much cleared the table there, of course, by not much. That’s why they’re called swing states.

Take away California, and Hillary lost the popular vote too. Bigly!

(Yeah, I know Trump actually says Big League, but I love Bigly!)

So let’s talk about California. 50 million people, at least 20% or 30% illegals. Under the Constitution, California gets 55 electoral votes. Ok, but were this based on actual citizens, not just population, California would have at most 45 electoral votes.

Every Democrat who says, “Trump can’t prove that the votes of illegals in CA made Hillary the sore loser popular winner” have made it so Trump can’t prove it. There is no system of voter verification because Democrats obstruct it. Every dimbulb Democrats says the claim that 3.1 million illegal alien votes is “unfounded” as if the burden of proof isn’t on them. Democrats have no idea who’s voting. They make it impossible to know, so the burden is on them. If they say, “Racism!” fight even harder. That’s just the first refuge of scoundrel Democrats, charging “Racism!”

But vote fraud is not the main issue. What just happened in this election was that America sorted into two tribes.

The Identity Politics tribe (Democrats and Marxists) and the Rest of Us.

There is no rapprochement or compromise between these two tribes.You either identify foremost as American or as female/trans/black/oppressedforsomereason.

A lot of people who aren’t in the Identity Politics tribe voted Democrat. These are people who don’t yet get how much you Identity Politics people hate them. You could call these Democrats un-woke. But you Identity-mongers are doing an awesome job waking them lately!

Unless the Trump Presidency is an actual disaster with foodlines and war, you Identity Politics Democrats are done. Your grandchildren might be a force again in American politics, but not likely.

It’s going to be easy in the next few years to peel off your soft support. Not one Trump supporter will defect to you.

Trump won against the united onslaught of the Democrat media and establishment. They talk about how Comey hurt Hillary and such, but that’s butthurt rationalization, and even were it true, self-inflicted wounds anyway. 22 states didn’t vote 10 points or more for Trump than for Hillary because Comey.

You Democrats have no idea how much the rest of us hate you. And it’s not because, in your self-regarding narrative, that we feel “left behind.” Trump was bulletproof because we hate you. We don’t feel “left behind.” We feel like you Democrats are Caligula’s court.

We hate you because you are corrupt. We hate you because you are parasites. We hate you because you are stupid and wrong about what matters most. We hate you because you are trying to murder what matters most. We hate you because you are smug Marxians who won’t learn from history and we fear what happens to us if you ever really get serious power in America. We hate you because you are Lena Dunham and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and other awful people who are obviously awful but you don’t get it. We hate you because you have declared yourselves our enemies.

As Churchill said, Americans will eventually do the right thing after trying everything else.

That is why we beat you putrid Democrats this year and why we have let you ruin us for the last 40 years. Let me boil it down to a sentence: You Democrats lost because you finally really pissed off Americans with your hubris in the last 8 years.

I have to admit, I was terrified that Hillary would win. I predicted Trump would win, and I believed it empirically, but I was scared to death of what would happen were I wrong.

This was the most important election since Reagan, and I was demoralized by the notion that the American people were no longer what they were when they elected Reagan. I was happily wrong to start buying in to my own fears and pessimism.I will remember Election Night 2016 as one of those great moments where my “Pollyanna” temperament was rewarded. As results rolled in, I couldn’t believe what I expected was actually coming true.

But it’s still war, obviously. Please, Democrats, surrender.





True Fascism

February 16, 2017

We need to rehabilitate the term “Fascist!” Right now, it’s just something you snarl at anyone who disagrees with you politically.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

Goons in masks hurling bombs and bricks do it in the name of opposing “Fascists!”

Democrats in pantsuits do the same.

Conservatives say that goons in masks hurling bombs and bricks are the real “Fascists!”

Here’s my modest proposal:

Any totalitarianism not based on Marxian/Identity politics is Fascist.

I don’t know what the hell to call the Marxian totalitarians. I doubt there is any term they would agree on.

I was wrong to call Obama a fascist. He is a Marxist. Why Obama’s Marxist supporters take offense to this, I don’t know. It’s like they think Marx is Hitler or something, but they all love Marx, just shush! don’t tell anybody.

The “extreme right” in Europe is totalitarian, but not Marxian. All of the people in America who love Marine Le Pen–we’re making a category mistake because of superficial policy resemblances.

Marxian totalitarianism, in the West, is based on Identity group politics. You find as many identity groups as possible to set against each other, and after they fight, something wonderful eventually happens when we take control of all of them.

Fascist totalitarianism says, this nation will unite and become great again, by God, or else!

The passing resemblance of Fascist rhetoric to Donald Trump is as illusory as the passing resemblance of Marxian rhetoric to supporting “dissent.”

Trump is not a fascist, and you idiots who say he is are a big reason I’m writing this.

Fascist totalitarianism is flexible. Its nature depends upon its nation. It may be pro-Christian or anti-Christian. Pro- or anti-technology. All Muslim nations are Fascist, by my definition and their Hitler-sympathizing self-identification. Seriously, Muslims, what is your problem, you Fascist retards?

Marxian totalitarianism is like putting a bunch of rabid wolverines in a box and expecting a dialectical Savior to emerge. It’s like Fight Club as ideology. Seriously, Lefties, what is your problem, you Marxist retards?

This isn’t about Right vs Left. This is about we who hate totalitarianism against Right + Left.

Let’s stop fighting against the idea that Hitler and Mussolini were on the Right. Or that Stalin and Mao were on the Left.

Instead, let’s redefine Left and Right as two horrible options that no decent person accepts. Marxist or non-Marxist totalitarianism, that’s what Left and Right really means.

The violent goons in masks yelling “Fascist!” are wrong, but at least they are morally coherent. They are the actual Fascists. Their moral compass may be inverted, but at least they understand the issues.

I reject both Right and Left as totalitarian WWE wrestlers.






Rat(you know what’ing) the President

February 15, 2017

You know what the title of this post means, if you ever saw the movie All The President’s Men.  If you didn’t see the movie, there’s always Urban Dictionary.

There was great media fanfare a couple of days ago when ICE deported a 30-something mother of 2 for “identity theft.” Meaning, she had false ID so she could work. She’d been caught at this years ago and was reporting to ICE every six months for being a bad girl. She entered the USA illegally when she was 14.  (I’d provide a link but it would go stale anyway). So she shows up for her 6 month checkin and gets handcuffed for her pains.

By all accounts, ICE agents are thrilled that Trump is President now, and so perhaps this was just incompetence that they made this particular illegal a poster child for how mean Trump is going to be to illegals. But I think it’s ratf***ing by the bureaucracy, not mere incompetence.

According to news reports, a 5 year old was handcuffed because of the Trump Muslim ban.

NOTE: I just said Muslim ban. Because we should ban all Muslims from these seven countries. Because there is NO WAY to vette them because there’s no government or only a nominal government or a completely hostile government in all of them. And that includes that 5 year old who was traveling with its Muslim parents.

For all you Democrats asking why didn’t Trump include Saudi Arabia and Pakistan on this list: Why didn’t Obama include Saudi Arabia and Pakistan on this list? This was Obama’s list, after all.

And, more responsively, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia may be horrible violators of human rights and hotbeds of Muslim barbarism, but they are at least sometime allies with functional civil societies. Personally, I think Trump should have included them. But is your stupid Democrat argument that you wanted more Muslim countries on Trump’s list? Or, as usual, are you just bitching to hear yourself bitch?

More examples of f***ing the rat:

The prosecutable actions of EPA apparatchiks encrypting official email to keep Trump from reading their plotting . . .

The repeated leaks of the content of Trump phone calls with foreign leaders . . .

The “intelligence community” leaking of Gen. Flynn’s at least putatively inappropriate Russian conversation; the DOJ hanging back for 10 days and not telling the Trump White House what they had gotten . . .

I’m sure there are hundreds more examples that haven’t been reported.

Most Presidents accept that you can only implement change within the parameters the bureaucracy allows.

I suspect Trump is different, and less naive than Ned Stark. Heads on pikes. Not Trump’s head either.

I love how Democrats have suddenly discovered till now smothered love for the Constitution and the “Intelligence Community.”







The Trials of KellyAnne

February 14, 2017

WARNING: Swear words ahead.

Now that the Republicans have won all Federal elections, the news media suddenly cares about every “ethics” rule violation.

As Glenn Reynolds has noted many times, there are now so many laws that anyone can be charged for something if the government or establishment is out to get them.

Even a Democrat must admit that had KellyAnne Conway known she was in violation of some ethics rule, she would never have done a shout-out to Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. You may hate KellyAnne, and all Democrats should, because she tamed Trump and pushed him over the finish line, but she’s not stupid. Only an evil Democrat jackass could claim she knowingly violated the “so-called” rules.

Had she known the rule existed, she would not have violated it. She was reacting emotionally and appropriately to the coordinated boycott of Ivanka Trump’s businesses and economic terrorism against her by you foul Democrats. You evil Democrats who try to ruin people’s livelihoods if they disagree with you. You Democrats have also gone beyond boycotts to trying to get people fired if they dare disagree with you. I know personally what that looks like.

I remember when you Democrats were appalled by Donald Wildmon’s boycotts. I agreed with you and spoke up. You Democrats are now way worse than Wildmon ever was.

You Democrats who spray-painted and otherwise vandalized Ivanka items in retail stores. Who used your Twitter campaigns to help destroy her livelihood. You lazy mainstream malevolent accessory-after-the-fact Democrats who knew exactly what was going on but said nothing. God damn you, and I mean that seriously. What is wrong with you that you countenance this? That’s a rhetorical question. I know exactly what’s wrong with you.

KellyAnne Conway, possessed of a normal and decent moral compass, outraged by what you Democrats were doing to a perfectly nice, decent, productive woman she knows well, said, in essence:

Fuck you, you Democrat morons who try to ruin everyone’s lives if they don’t toe your party line–everyone go buy something by Ivanka to stand up to these Democrat douche nozzles.

KellyAnne Conway is a hero.She only said what anyone who isn’t a punk would say.

And Jason Chaffetz is a gutless piece of letter of the law virtue-signaling Republican coward for attacking her.

If you want to email Jason Chaffetz the Feckless Weasel, you must make him believe first that you are in his district. Though he spouts off indiscriminately about national issues, he refuses feedback unless you’re in his backwater Utah district.

Use this zip code: 84501. Your location is Price, UT. The address is 250 E 500 N. For the rest of the information demanded, have some fun.

Maybe Chaffetz with his steroidal moral outrage unleashed now could investigate all the Federal government employees who are conspiring to encrypt all their official email to thwart Trump and future FIOA requests.

Apologize, Chaffetz, and defend Conway, if you have any decency.