March 22, 2013

Perez Hilton has a baby. He won’t say where he got it. He’s all goo goo ga ga over the attention he’s getting.


I bet he can’t tell the difference between a baby and a purse dog.

48% of the people having or acquiring or begetting or shitting out or adopting (pick your euphemism) babies aren’t married. If you don’t think that 90% of those people won’t be inadequate parents, tell me why you  think that.

Probably a third of the other 52% will also do a horrible job as parents. So, nearly 2 out of 3 kids born in America today are born handicapped. By their parents’ narcisissm, hormones, ruthless calculation of government benefits (funny how they can figure out how to get paid for bad choices, but can’t balance a checkboook or run a cash register that isn’t smarter than they are–I am so sick of cashiers at fast-food drive-throughs who have obviously been working there for months who get that deer-in-the-headlights look when I give them $10.05 on a $6.05 bill.)

There have always been a lot of horrible parents. I don’t know where the horrible parent tipping point is, but I sense it’s close. In the past, we didn’t celebrate horrible parents, we just turned a blind eye. Now, Perez gets positive press for being a “cute” and thus excusable horrible parent.

Changing the subject only slightly…

I’m not going to to defend New York mayor Doucheberg on his latest mommymayor crusade trying to shame fat black girls under 20 into not pumping out fat black babies. Oh, and if you think that’s racist, write to mayor Doucheberg first and look at the posters before you bitch at me. Unless you’re stupid, you’ll realize this latest mommymayorcampaign is squarely aimed at teenage black girls who put out randomly for no good reason with no good reason to not use birth control. I’m not saying Mommy Doucheberg is wrong on his research, just wrong on his hubris.

Anyhow, I’m done with rich lesbians like Perez Hilton, stupid celebrities (I’d run out of characters for this post if I listed them), and poor opportunists who can only do arithmetic when a paycheck is at stake for having babies for reasons that don’t benefit the babies. You’re all Joan Crawford wannabies.

It sucks that Perez Hilton has access to a baby exactly like it sucks that Larry Birkhead is living off Anna Nicole’s baby and it probably sucks for Paris Hilton’s purse dog.

It is time to start attacking and shaming people who glom on to babies because they can’t figure out how else to make their lives work. No babies as hostages!

Oh, and Perez, you  horrible fuckwad….

You’re a horrible fuckwad.

Anyone who disagrees with me about this is also a horrible fuckwad.