BBC: Full moon isn’t just for werewolves anymore

July 26, 2013

I watch BBC News America most nights when I get home from work, because it’s SO much better than anything on CBS, NBC, ABC. Forget the bias, they’re at least competent.

But tonight made me howl.

Nearly all of the statistics and findings reported by mainstream media are generated by desperate grad students trying to get the hell out of grad school with some study or other. Sensational is better. Thus the back and forth that coffee is good for you this week, will kill you next week.

This one, they found that the full moon disturbs deep sleep and then some idiot professor said that it was probably because millions of years ago we were all celebrating not getting killed by the moon and that’s why why.

So, before you go off on the KTVU people who swallowed the “Ho Lee Fuk” hoax without blinking, consider this idiocy from the BBC. It’s just another level of abstraction and accent up. The BBC newsbitch didn’t crack a smile over this story either. She sounds smarter, but she isn’t.




News Flash: Trayvon Martin is still dead and a good thing too

July 26, 2013

I’ve been intermittently checking out all the Trayvon sturm und drang going on and I have some things to say that are inflammatory and true according to the facts as I know them and simple logic. So I will now surmise and opine.

Before I start saying inflammatory shit, let me bullet point my basis for it. If you can PROVE that anything in the points below is wrong, please do so and I will amend my comments to take account of being wrong about the facts and context and logic.

  • GZ (George Zimmerman) has never been shown to have expressed or demonstrated any racially based animosity, quite the opposite.
  • Most of the people burglarizing GZ’s neighbors for quite a while “happened” to be black. Come on people, I said “happened” because we all know and all statistics show that young black males in America are an order of magnitude plus more likely to be criminals than anyone else. Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, you tell your wife and your daughters to be careful around young black males. Unless you’re a liberal idiot who cares more about your ideology than your loved ones.
  • GZ is not the brightest bulb in the box, but he is aspirational and he has morals. I’m sick and tired of liberal douchebags sneering “wannabe cop.” Like sheep sneering at the runty sheepdog. He did more to protect his neighborhood than any of you liberal gun-phobes would do to protect your Grey Poupon neighborhoods where you’re 15 miles away from the nearest black people.
  • Rachel Jenteal called Trayvon Martin’s tweets “bragging.” I’ve already posted excerpts from Trayvon’s tweets. You shouldn’t brag about shit like that unless you are a little thug. Or a thug wannabe. Was Trayvon a “thug wannabe” like stupid people claim Zimmerman was a “cop wannabe”? The best you can say about Trayvon’s tweets was that they didn’t really reflect who he was, just what he aspired to be. That he was an Urkel wanting to be a Biggie.  Zimmerman’s aspirations were sheepdog; Trayvon’s were wolverine. Trayvon’s texts in his password-protected phone on his password-protected texting app indicate that he was involved in lame Fight Club style fighting and in buying and selling guns and drugs. The judge would not allow those texts into evidence because she couldn’t be sure, despite the double passwords, that Trayvon had actually used his own phone. I wish the defense hadn’t just shrugged but had subpoena’ed Trayvon’s parents and friends, including Shamu 3.0 to ask them if they knew his passwords.
  • I’m waiting for a single tender tweet or text showing Trayvon’s good side. An “I love you, mom!” would be nice. Name me one good thing, from joining the Chess Club to adopting a highway that Trayvon ever did. Or aspired to. From everything I’ve seen, his morally vacant and absent parents left it to the horrible American black pop culture to raise him.
  • We’re all supposed to tread softly around grieving parents, even if they are complicit, negligent or contributory to the death of their child. That’s a good thing. C’mon, let’s have a little humanity here. So what do you do when said somewhat-guilty parents self-righteously go public, lying egregiously and acting all butter-wouldn’t-melt? If there’s one thing all honest people can agree on, it’s that Trayvon’s parents are playing the grief card too hard. Their rotten little kid had been ejected from school 2x in 6 months, once for a serious thing–getting caught with stolen property that he probably stole and that he certainly knew was stolen. Before I listen to another heartfelt statement from these guilt-deflecting machines with the subtext “we were great parents” I want to hear how they reacted to Trayvon the Obvious Thief. Maybe they deserve sympathy. If we hear about what they did when Trayvon was busted as a thief, we’ll know for sure. Till then, they’ve mouthed off too much to deserve the benefit of the doubt. By all the evidence we have so far, if anyone but Trayvon is to blame for him being six feet under, it’s one or the other or both of them. I saw a picture the other day of Travyon’s mom standing next to Al Sharpton. Maybe that was photoshopped. If not, she’s a stupid bitch for sure, if not a guilty negligent mom. Burden of proof on you two now.
  • Here’s what I don’t know. Was Trayvon casing houses or just staying out of the rain, going from neighbor to neighbor back doors? I do know that Trayvon was high that night or he wouldn’t have been going out for munchies in the rain. He probably made a drug deal on the way home. Really, liberal people, you don’t understand teenagers, much less black teenagers who admit they are doing and selling drugs. There was no good, not-stoned reason for Trayvon to be out that rainy night. I’d like to know what they found in his pocketses. Here’s an uncharitable interpretation of Trayvon’s behavior: He’d been packed off to his dad’s girlfriend because his mom was sick and tired of his bullshit. He got high to watch the game and found out there were no munchies in the house. When you’re high, dark and rain and sensations feel good. So I’ve heard, I wouldn’t know. On the way back, he was casing the neighbors, looking in their big glass patio doors looking for good stuff and vulnerabilities. GZ noticed this and called the cops. Trayvon noticed GZ and with typical testosterone and THC-driven poor judgment, picked a fight and got the worst of it. A more charitable rendering is that Trayvon was hopscotching around peoples’ back patios to stay out of the rain and singing high in the rain and it just looked bad. My problem with that interpretation is the whole sidewalk head-pounding thing. If that were true, he turned emotionally on a dime from Fernando the flower-sniffing bull to enraged.
  • Let me be clear you liberal idiots: There is not and never has been any evidence that George Zimmerman did anything worthy of provoking a physical attack. and zero evidence or reason to believe that GZ would have started a physical assault on Trayvon. If there’s one thing honest people can agree on, Trayvon landed the first punch. And it was a sucker punch.
  • I don’t know how much time Trayvon spent at his dad’s girlfriend’s. I’d love to hear from her about how she knew GZ. For some reason, just spidey-sense, I suspect Trayvon might have known exactly who GZ was. Or about the Neighborhood Watch. Had Trayvon ever met GZ on previous visits?
  • Stop calling Trayvon a “child.” The first time I won a physical fight with my dad I was 16 and he outweighed me at least 70 pounds. I was 6 foot and all piss and anger and muscle. Sad to see what’s become of me since then.  Trayvon looked to be in peak physical condition. He sure as fuck acted like he expected to win that fight.
  • Nobody has controverted GZ’s claim that Trayvon verbally threatened to kill him.

Given the above, I’m glad Trayvon is dead, on behalf of his future victims.

Clearly, Trayvon was a violent and aggressive criminal. Fuck the cute. Pounding someone’s head on concrete is deadly force. Trayvon started that confrontation and I’m glad GZ killed him. In case you liberal idiots haven’t noticed, violent slightly under-age men are a big problem for innocent people. Any of you idiots ever watched Clockwork Orange?

GZ got lucky. So did we.