Django Unchained

January 16, 2013

This is Tarantino’s best movie since Pulp Fiction. It’s Kill Bill violent. Blood drips and splatters. The dripping is more disturbing than the splattering.

After me & the missus saw it a couple weeks ago, I said, “This movie is going to get people killed.”

Louis Farrakhan just made sure of it yesterday. I hope somebody kills him.

After the movie, I wanted to kill white people and I’m as white as it gets. Well, I’m not Conan O’Brien white, but close.

A lot of people are mad at Tarantino over this movie. I kind of like the direction he’s taken. I saw him on Charlie Rose. He criticized Roots because at the end the slaves had mercy on the slave-owners. Tarantino says, fuck no, unleash hell on them!

Inglorious Basterds unleashed hell on Nazis. Tarantino re-wrote history about Nazis and nobody had a cow about it. It was cathartic. Django Unchained rewrites more unleashed history, on slave owners.

The South was a horrible place, before the Civil War, because of slavery. This fight had been brewing since 1776, and the South didn’t step up and clean up their own shit until the North made them do it. How cool is America that we tried to make this stop by peaceful means, and when it didn’t, we eventually stopped it? The South wasn’t just wrong, it was evil. Fuck all y’all who slice and dice and claim that the war was about this and that. It was about good people opposing slavery and bad people defending it. Without slavery, there would have been no war.

Tarantino’s new movie is absurdly violent and fantastic but he’s done for slave-owners what he did for Nazis in Inglorious Basterds.

I love this movie and people will die because of it. Try to pry my Blu-Rays out of my cold dead hands, Obamanistas!


Movie Review: Looper

January 15, 2013

Rian Johnson is going to be a big deal. He’s the writer and director of Looper. This is a terrific movie on every level.

The writing and dialog is like Tarantino without showing off. The performances are an ode to masterful directing. Johnson got one of the best performances out of a little kid that I’ve ever seen. The script reminds me of Tarantino: all about the moral limits of amoral people.

The attention to detail and the look of the film is perfect too. Johnson is just really really good. This is his third movie; we’ve now got the last 2 movies in our Netflix queue. Brick and The Brothers Bloom. Brick is available on instant play.

Lana Del Rey

January 13, 2013

I can’t stop listening to her. I think I might have a problem.

Grabbing a gun is dangerous

January 13, 2013

If there’s one thing that charicaturizes the Obama regime, it’s overreach. They are too elated by every opportunity and short-term victory. They have no concept of blowback. I use that term specifically because it relates, in reality, to firearms blowing up in your face.

I’m not that scared of Obamacare because I’m reasonably healthy and young in my own mind. More than half the states have refused to even start setting up the required bureacracy. Most of the rest won’t get it done either. Obamacare is going to explode in Barack’s face like a Summer’s Eve douche cartridge with an M80 in it.

Just tonight, listening to the radio, Handel on the Law, I heard a guy call in who’d been 1099’ed illegally in Californica as his employer tried desperately to keep it going. This poor dumb bastard didn’t get the implications, then he got hurt in a recreational accident and got a $24,000 bill for 3 days in the hospital. Oh, and the employer has since gone bankrupt and this poor dumb bastard is on unemployment.

This is just one example of the chaos that is coming this year from Obamacare. The Democrats threw a 1.5 million word turd into the punchbowl and the ripples will reach the shore in 2013.

Barack OBiden might eclipse DieAnne Fienenstein as the biggest economic boost for the “assault weapon” industry ever.

Forget California trying to leech money from Utah as the first battle and indication of de facto secession. Californicants trying to tell Utards they can’t have guns may come even earlier.

There is no question that the Obama administration is the most corrupt, incompetent, supercilious and over-privileged and, most of all, incompetent, ever.  You know how you can tell how stupid they are? They have no idea that the rest of us think they look like Marie Antoinette.

They’re not trying to take our guns because they have a clue that we want to shoot them. They’re not even seriously trying to take our guns. They’re provoking us into revolt without realizing they’re provoking us. We live in dangerous times, when the rulers are stupid enough to pick a fight with the people because they’re that out of touch.