The Perfect Electoral Storm

November 21, 2012

Post-Sandy, residents of Staten Island were left entirely on their own, raped and freezing, but managed to find the energy to vote as a slight majority for Obama.

Obama won because we gave up without a fight.

Enough people voted for Gary Johnson that had just that tiny minority gotten off of their Sheldon-perch, it might have tipped the scales. Voting for Johnson was protesting, not fighting. I respect your principle, if not your timing and common sense. You voted “above my pay grade” when it came to this election. Stupid. You already regret it, so I won’t belabor it.

A whole lot of Republicans stayed home because they didn’t like Romney. He was too liberal, too Mormon. I despise every last goddamn one of you. This is on you. Fuck you, you feckless fucking fucks. Romney’s a better man than all of you combined. I suspect he’d have been better than Reagan, you idiots. Character counts, competence counts, the willingness to compromise if you’re going to work in politics counts. You are a fucking idiot if you don’t think that the art of the deal is important in politics. Even Donald Trump understands this. Obama sucks at it, which means you should think hard about how bad it is that he got re-elected. Romney would likely have been brilliant. He’s done trying now. Thanks to you pissy Republican assholes. You re-elected Obama. I hate you.

This should have been a blowout election. I don’t care if the Democrats stole the vote even in crucial states. It shouldn’t have been close enough that they could steal. In 4 years, this will no longer be a 50/50 country. Obama won, decisively because of you douchebags who didn’t vote. I will forgive you if you seek my forgiveness.

4 years from now, it will be 52/48 and then it will slide downhill faster till it crashes. Nice job pissy Republican jackasses on pissing in the punchbowl. Seriously, right now, I hate you so bad.

Ayn Rand was right. It’s not the looters and the moochers and the welfare queens and the Krugmans and the Clintons who are really responsible for the flame going out. It’s us who didn’t stop them.

I include myself. I’ve only found real courage after this election.

The other night, at a dinner party, I gauchely monopolized the whole evening from a small spark (with the men–can we please repeal the 19th Amendment now?) by confronting arguments for Obamacare with grace, humility, seriousness and uncompromising rigor. Perhaps I made an enemy of my liberal opponent–I hope not. I behaved better, granted every point I could, was friendly and followed every intellectual path without worrying about the outcome. Frankly, and I’m not used to doing this, I set a good example. It’s not about liberal/conservative/libertarian anymore. It’s about creating a community that thrives after the current system collapses. I’d love to convert my liberal opponent, not just fuck with him in public. He’s smart, talented, multi-skilled and a great asset.

The political class isn’t going to lead. The likes of me and you have to.

There are no elections that matter anymore above the state level. When the federal government tries to bail out the shittiest states (California, New York, Illinois…) that will probably break up the union. I think it is highly unlikely that working people in Texas will consent to being subjugated to bail out entitled people in California. Texas will refuse to pay federal taxes at that point. The rest of the red states will quickly follow.

Get ready for the next decade’s map looking nothing like the last 100 years. and, you Republican lazy pusses who didn’t vote this year–that’s what you voted for.