Richie Incognito

January 31, 2017

Richie Incognito played in the NFL Pro Bowl this year. My wife hadn’t heard of him, and thought the name was funny as hell.

I remembered Incognito had been involved in some kind of bullying scandal a few years, ago, accused of bullying rookies in the NFL, but didn’t remember how it turned out. So I looked it up on Wikipedia.

And it hit me.

Knowing only what the Wikipedia article had to say, I would infer the actual facts much differently than a Democrat would. I live in a completely different world than a Democrat does.

My take:

Richie Incognito is a typical high-testosterone loutish football player. He is a white guy who is allowed to call his black teammates niggers because there’s no harm in it. Ball-busting is the culture. Along comes this rookie named Jonathan Martin who has a little too much millennial in him. The Dolphins coaches assign Incognito, known ball-buster, but pretty decent guy, to mentor him. Meaning, toughen Martin up to save his NFL career. Incognito tries. He befriends Martin, sends him supportive (as idiot feminists call it, but we call it friendly) texts, including scolding texts when Martin isn’t showing up for practice (telling Martin he’s going to kill him and do shit to his mom if he doesn’t get his ass in to work). To no avail.

Incognito and friends also dress up in Samurai outfits on Pearl Harbor Day and scare the shit out of a Japanese trainer telling him they are going to make him pay for Pearl Harbor. This is Animal House behavior. This is how men act when women aren’t around. We think it’s funny as hell.

Martin gets cut. Incognito fails to save him. This is about the same time that “bullying” was the rallying cry of all the social justice warriors on Facebook. You couldn’t go on Facebook without some dumbass demanding you share something about the horrors of bullying. Martin is on Facebook and in his dim pussy brain sees opportunity. Uh oh, lawsuit is born, NFL player has emotional distress from being bullied.

Richie Incognito, for his good deeds, ends up losing about 2 years of his career because the fucking Dolphins, may their management staff burn in hell, react in complete cowardice to the first of Martin’s out-of-context revelations of stuff Incognito texted him. Stuff, like, (I’m paraphrasing), Hey, nigger, you better man up and get your ugly black ass into practice today, or I’m going to fuck your mom. Clearly, this kind of rhetoric has no place in polite society. At what point did you dim fucking Democrats start to think that the NFL was polite society?

After Incognito was pilloried and had 2 years of his short NFL professional career taken from him, somebody released all the texts between Incognito and pussy-weasel Martin, and it turns out about like I said. This is how high-testosterone men talk to each other. Martin selectively released texts to make Incognito look like a monster. In context, the text record is friendly in this high-testosterone culture. No, you wouldn’t like Incognito to talk to your daughter that way, but he wasn’t talking to your daughter. If you are a Democrat who has sent your daughter to college, that’s how her hook-ups talk to her.

Martin is now “retired” blaming it on a back injury. He’s a horrible human being. He had every chance to make it to the big show and when everyone tried to help him, he still pussed out. And then sued like a fucking girl.

Now, the Democrat version of the Wikipedia article:

The Miami Dolphins, like every other misogynistic, brutal and white-dominated capitalist NFL team have always brutalized new players to make them fit in. The most recent example is the near rape of Jonathan Martin, a promising player who didn’t fit their stereotype. Dolphins management, in keeping with their decades-long practice of slapping new players into submission, tasked known brute Richie Incognito with hazing Jonathan Martin.

Incognito gleefully accepted this task, torturing Martin with racial epithets and threatening rape and worse against Martin’s family if Martin didn’t play well.

Martin’s refusal to accept this abuse led to him being cut from the Dolphins team. But Martin courageously, after he was cut, revealed what had been done to him. And sued to stop others from being similarly abused.

Martin is no longer being exploited by the NFL. His back injury will follow him the rest of his life.

Richie Incognito continues to play in the NFL. Perhaps he is reformed, perhaps not. He says he has learned a lot. But has he, really?