Change I Can Believe In

January 21, 2010

Keith Olbermann says that Scott Brown is an irresponsible homophobic racist reactionary ex-nude-model teabagging sexist supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.

God, I hope so.

Glenn Beck thinks the loonie left might try to assassinate Obama if he doesn’t double down after this.

I would love to see Beck and Olbermann on Charlie Rose together.

I hate to admit it, but I’m starting to buy into Beck’s notion that the whole point of the Obamanistas is to sink the system, whatever it takes–hit the reset button, as Beck puts it. Either these guys really are that dumb or they are like kids with dad’s credit card going into every store in the mall and buying shit they don’t even want, just because they hate dad.


It’s all about winning

January 19, 2010

If Brown loses to Coakley tomorrow, there’s no moral victory, there’s no national referendum. It’s a very important real loss. The Obamanistas will have won a deeply important real victory.

They have control of the levers of power and they will exercise that control immediately in ways that we will live with for decades. They’re hanging on by their fangs, but if they hang on, you will feel their fangs.

UPDATE 4/6/2010: Wow. We shot that dog and it kept coming and bit us anyway. November will tell whether we’ve got rabies. We need to shoot the Republican dogs and zombies too, and this time we need flame-throwers. Republicans are pretending they are against the new health care entitlements, but they are making it pretty obvious they’re just trying to use it as a wedge issue.

Defensive much?

January 18, 2010

This stunt ad on the side of a London bus provoked outrage (click to enlarge):

According to the London Guardian, one offended mom said it was like “a punch in the stomach.” If there’s anything we know, we know that woman secretly is afraid it is true.

Only an Idiot

January 17, 2010

Only an idiot American could be in favor of the health care bill. I’ve not met one ordinary citizen in favor who can answer both questions,  What do you like about it, specifically? What don’t you like about it, specifically?

Congressmen in favor can answer quite specifically what they like. They’ve each launched a self-seeking snot-rocket into the bill, and they don’t care about the rest of it.

This bill isn’t your garden-variety legislative sausage. This bill is snot-rocket stew.

This isn’t about normal compromise and reconciliation. I promise you there will be court fights for years settling contradictions in this bill, if it passes.

This bill isn’t socialized medicine–remember, there’s no single payer. This is just throwing everything at the wall and expecting that all the powers granted in the bill can be turned to useful purposes later.

There’s no excuse and no reason to do something this complex and important in one fell bill. All you need to know to oppose this is that it’s longer than Gone with the Wind. If you don’t get this, you’re too stupid to try to convince.

It’s a thin line between love and hate

January 16, 2010

Coakley vs. Brown in Massachusetts.

If Brown wins, he derails Obama. If he doesn’t, Obama wins on the razor’s edge.

I’d say Obama’s  a doofus who’s screwed up 99 times out of 100. We won’t be talking about the dumbness and mendacity of the Bushies for a while.

What Obama and the terrorists have in common is almost comical incompetence. Oh, and they also just have to win once, and that once is right now in Massachusetts.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the future of the nation depends on this election.  Stopping the health care bill is the only issue right now. Those who think we can repeal it afterward are wrong.

Think of all the other horrible government bureaucracies that have been spun up over the last 100 years and how few of them have succeeded or stayed within their original mandates.  This will be the worst of them all, by an order of magnitude.

There will be no way to chop off all the tentacles of this 2500+ page monster. You won’t get it repealed wholesale — various provisions will quickly find constituencies with sob stories that will squirm and wriggle and band together to derail any serious rollbacks.

Stop this now or, yeah, you will have government death panels (we have death panels now, but they’re not monolithic like they will become). You will have DMV-level customer service that will leave you nostalgic for fighting with your insurance company. The state of the art will freeze in many respects. You’ll pay more out of pocket than you do now through various back door fees and taxes.  You’ll have to do the medical tourism thing not just for cheaper Lasik and boob jobs but because there will be doctor shortages and waiting lists like everywhere else that has socialized medicine. Have you seen how much they’re trying to reduce this bill’s fiscal footprint by cutting doctors’ pay and upping medical technology manufacturer costs? How long before they have to suppress “white flight” to grey-market medicine, and how long before experienced doctors with fuck you money reduce their hours and then retire entirely?

I Hate Haiti

January 16, 2010

I didn’t used to care about Haiti, till my wife started making noises about going down there for humanitarian reasons. That’s when I started to hate Haiti.

Haiti is one of the most….what? How do you describe Haiti? Fucked-up shithole doesn’t even come close. None of the scatological pejoratives that we usually rely on when talking about the third world capture the redolent stench of how horrible a place Haiti is. Not even Muslims can fuck up a country this bad for this long. To make something stink this bad, you need the French.

Everyone’s falling all over themselves to send money. If you’re reading this, please don’t. There will be plenty of money without you piling on. Take this as an opportunity to send money to a serious cause dealing with an ongoing problem, not just an ephemeral Sally Struthers moment. Yes, if nobody were sending money to Haiti, I would, but trust me–they’ll get all they need and waste a lot more. Let the easy marks carry this one.

Anyhow, my wife wanted to go to Haiti to do her medical thing, and I stamped my little foot. Had she gone, I’d have divorced her. All you other people with spouses spending time down there in that voodoo-infested petrie dish, you should stamp your little feet too, especially now. Though you might not think it’s possible, hygiene’s about to get a lot worse in Haiti.

She didn’t go and I think she was secretly grateful that I nipped that little bit of altruistic horseshit in the bud.

So what should the US do when shit happens?

I’m thinking we should stop giving foreign aid to anyone on any basis, including military, except to countries that agree to be a protectorate of the United States. They should have to accept us disbanding their fucked up governments or at least telling them what to do.

I don’t want to think about the details here. I just want strong, ball-strangling strings from now on everyone who wants the help of the USA. Israel, Haiti, Egypt, I’m sick and fucking tired of paying for your stupidity. Forget no taxation without representation, no help without strings.

There are a ridiculous shitload of spoiled teenager countries out there who will never get it right until they have to live by adult USA rules.

If we want to help Haiti, we should take it over, right now. Otherwise, this is exactly like pouring more money into your heroin-addicted adult child because you can’t bear what’s happening.

Haiti needs to fucking change, and they won’t do it unless we make them do it or die.

House En-Words

January 14, 2010

Word is that the Swingin’ Black Caucus in the House of Representatives will come out swingin’ in defense of Harry Reid.

This is way more disgraceful than when feminists defended Bill Clinton as a Devil with a Blue Dress (Stained) On.

Let’s  digress a paragraph or few and  remember the glory that was Bill Clinton’s pee-pee: The most powerful man in the world, married and 27 years older than the star-struck 23-year-old intern on whom he inflicted multiple creepy, desultory sexual acts, remains a liberal lion. That’s pretty weak sauce, as liberal lions go, when you remember that the last liberal lion at least had the balls to drown his dates. Clinton, a real Peter, only denied his girl multiple times.

(Have I mentioned lately that I’m glad Teddy Kennedy’s dead and that I hope everyone who eulogized him gets the same brain tumor for karmic Christmas that finally felled that fat fuck?)

The only things creepier than what Clinton did to Monica are (1) the way feminists swallowed it and (2) the Clinton marriage.

Anyhow, Clinton’s victim was cattily dismissed with prejudice, thrown under the bus by feminists, for besmirching their Dream Lover. The Clinton affair proved that feminists don’t give a shit about “imbalance of power” and ordinary women preyed upon by powerful men. This sexual harrassment crap is just a bully pulpit and ready club to beat on the bourgeousie and the Billy Bobs. When it comes to men they swoon over, feminists are just like ordinary women, only a lot dumber and angrier and more subservient and forgiving. Bill Clinton slapped Gloria Steinem in the face with his dick and she didn’t blink. Didn’t dare blink.

Back to the Reid case. Every big black voice I’ve heard so far, is in Reid’s defense. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and say, “Thank you for not speaking in a Negro dialect–it makes it so much easier to understand your point.”  Or “You are so light-skinned–I believe what you say and I am behind you all the way!” I’m sure I could get away with that if I just apologize when I get dragged into HR.

Black hacks and politicians are proving now that they take racism as seriously as feminists take sexual harassment.

Awesome show, great job!